Video: Activate Looks to Make Strides with Major Marketing Initiative, New Kids’ Line

With a deep and established presence in the Los Angeles market and having recently gained a toehold in New York City, Activate is now setting its sights on broader awareness of its cap-dispensing water brand and is prepping to launch a number of line extensions designed to reach a wider swath of consumers. Activate, which markets a line of enhanced waters topped with an “in-the-cap” reservoir of dry vitamins, recently launched its first major marketing initiative, and later this year will roll-out a new kids’ line and begin to shift its product mix toward a focus on functional benefits.

Aiming to educate consumers about the benefits of “fresh” vitamins versus those that have been pre-mixed into beverages, last month Activate launched its “Stop Vitamin Cruelty” campaign in the L.A. and New York markets. The playful take on animal rights efforts utilizes a variety of advertising mediums including outdoor, online and social media marketing. In a recent interview filmed at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, Activate president Reza Mirza called early feedback for the campaign “incredible,” and pointed to a significant spike in the number of “fans” on its Facebook page and traffic on its website.

A solid foundation in social media will likely be critical to the upcoming launch of Activate Twist, the company’s foray into kids’ beverages. Mirza explained that the line was developed based on findings that Activate has a significant following among mothers who purchase the drinks for their children. While the line extension is still development, Mirza said that the company was aiming to launch the products in the fourth quarter of this year. In the months following the introduction of Activate Twist, the company will debut a number of new products to its primary line of drinks designed to offer consumers a variety of specific functional benefits, Mirza said. He noted that each function will come with a range of flavor offerings.

To enhance distribution of the brand in New York City, Activate recently partnered with Preferred Beverage, which works with a variety of entrepreneurial beverage brands, including Real Beanz and EBoost, and has a focus on up-and-down-the-street distribution. Activate had launched in New York with natural distribution specialist Gourmet Guru, which did “a great job getting [Activate] into the influencer accounts, as per our launch strategy,” Mirza said in an e-mail to BevNET. However, he explained that “now is the time to take it broad and build the deli, bodegas, etc.” and added that “Preferred will be a great partner to do that.”

Watch this video to hear much more from Mirza, who shares more on Activate’s new marketing campaign and upcoming products, as well as how the company works with Tata Beverage Group, the majority owner of Activate, on new innovation and the overall direction of the enhanced water brand. Mirza also discusses why functionality is the critical the growth of the brand and, in the midst of an extremely competitive environment for enhanced waters, the company’s “sweet spot” for pricing of Activate.