Video: Innovation Drives Growth at Purity Organic

As natural and organic beverages continue to gain traction among greater numbers of mainstream consumers, Purity Organic has over the past year positioned itself to take advantage of that momentum through a path carved by innovation.

Having established solid footing in its core markets in the Western and Northeastern U.S., Purity Organic has looked to innovate beyond its flagship juice products and recently added new distribution in the Midwest. In the last few months, the company introduced new packaging for its organic juices and blends, rolled out a 1 L Tetra Pak size for its coconut water, and launched a new line of iced teas.

In an interview filmed at Purity Organic’s headquarters in San Francisco, BevNET CEO spoke with company president Dave Minnick, who said that with the pieces in place, now it’s about executing.

“Ultimately, we’re looking to grab share of shelf in each of our retailers and share of mind with our distributors,” Minnick said. “We’re filling a demand that we think is out there in our system of distribution,” said Minnick. “But it’s always tough to prioritize. If you’ve got space for a display, which product do you put there?”

Despite complexities and challenges in managing multiple product lines, Minnick expressed faith that Purity’s seasoned sales team could establish an optimal matrix for its distributors and retailers. He noted the addition of coconut water, which he called a “great growth product” for the brand, has been created an advantage in opening new doors for its flagship juice products, and vice versa.

Asked about the fastest growing segment in juice, that of the ultra-premium and “raw” variety, Minnick said that while the rise of new juice brands and demand for high quality liquid is a positive step for the overall juice category, Purity’s offerings are positioned to reach a different type of consumer and marketed “for a different use occasion.”

“If someone wants an organic juice at a great price of $1.99, we’re there for them, and we’re in a lot of locations,” Minnick said. “And we’ve got a longer shelf life [than raw juice products], which our retailers and our distributors like.”

Watch this video to hear much more from Minnick including the challenges in developing an organic coconut water line, Purity’s DSD deal with Central Beverage and the growth of organic products in the Midwest, and hints on new products and innovation as well as upcoming marketing initiatives in the company’s core markets.