Video: To Reach Key Influencers, Golazo Gets Memorable

As any soccer player can attest, pacing is a critical element of the sport. Of course, searing goals and heroic saves are often the sexiest parts of a match, but for a game in which participants are required to run at a variety of intervals for 90 minutes at a time, victory often hinges on the ability to control speed and flow. Success in the beverage industry requires a similar understanding of pacing, and in less than two years on the market, Golazo, which sells a line of soccer-inspired energy drinks and hydration beverages, is hoping that, early in its development, a steady, focused approach to distribution and marketing will give the brand a solid base to future growth.

Launched in 2010, Golazo has gradually gained distribution along the West coast, beginning in the Seattle area and eventually stretching its presence to Southern California. Earlier this year, the brand landed several key retail authorizations and tripled the number of stores where its products are sold. Golazo beverages are now represented in approximately 1,600 stores, including hundreds of Safeway and Whole Foods locations in the Western U.S.

With significant retail placement in hand, Golazo founder Richard Tait and his team are now looking to expand awareness and trial of its products through unique interactions aimed at consumers whose interests are aligned with that of the brand.

“As a small brand with limited resources, you’re always looking for creative ways to get traction and resonate with your consumer,” Tait said in an interview with BevNET CEO John Craven. “And for us, with every passion brand, you want to start with this tribe that can rally around your brand and your product.”

For Golazo, reaching that core base of influencers begins and ends with its philosophy of “MIREF.” The sports-themed acronym stands for “memorable, innovative, relevant, engaging and fun.”

“Just as the referee makes sure that the game is played consistently week in and week out on the pitch, then everything that we do from a marketing perspective has to be MIREF,” Tait explained.

As an example of the marketing strategy, Tait recounted a recent event at Golazo headquarters in which the company hosted 700 soccer fans and a number of former players from the U.S. national soccer team for a rally held a day prior to a World Cup qualifying match between the U.S. and Panama. Tait called the gathering a “fantastic celebration” of soccer culture which aligned with Golazo’s passion and support for enthusiasts of the game, and how the company could be memorable at a moment of significant interest for the sport.

In this video, Tait shares more on how Golazo looks for innovative and creative ways to market to consumers, particularly in months leading up to the World Cup, and how the company is attempting to gain grassroots appeal through its sponsorship of youth soccer organizations in Washington and Southern California. Tait also explains how the brand is beginning to see crossover appeal from other athletes and fans of other sports and its effect on a growing retail presence for Golazo.