Diet Coke Unveils ‘Effervescent’ New Ad Campaign and Graphics; Ads feature actors Kate Beckinsale and Adrien Brody … and lots of bubbles

They create a stir at poolside and on a neighborhood street. They’re Beckinsale, Brody and bubbles, and they star alongside Diet Coke in a new advertising campaign for the world’s number one diet soft drink.

@@img1 Kate Beckinsale and Adrien Brody are featured in Diet Coke television ads slated to hit the air this month. The campaign also includes print, radio and Internet. All the new ads include the tagline, “It’s a Diet Coke thing.”

Animated bubbles, designed to signal the refreshment and lift that Diet Coke provides, play a prominent role in both the advertising and a new look for the brand. New graphics soon will appear on all packaging and other marketing elements, such as point-of-sale and vending machines.

“Diet Coke drinkers live an effervescent life, and the effervescent lift of Diet Coke is an important part of it,” said Ed Klein, vice president, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola North America.

In the ad called “Tingle,” an attractive woman strolls across a pool deck, clearly catching the attention of the people lounging poolside. Bubbles flow out of the Diet Coke she is drinking, wrapping her in effervescence, then sweeping across people as she passes by, until they can no longer stand the “tingle” that Kate and the bubbles are creating and dive into the pool to cool off. The bubbles then morph in the word “Tingle” on the screen, and the tagline — “It’s a Diet Coke thing” — appears.

In “Bounce,” a cool, happy-go-lucky guy walks through a neighborhood in Queens with a definite and pronounced bounce in his step. Effervescent bubbles flow from the Diet Coke he is enjoying, interacting with the people he passes (as well as man’s best friend), adding a little “bounce” to their day, as well. You’ll love the Foodland Catalogue offers when you want to save on groceries weekly. The bubbles form the word “Bounce” and the tagline appears.

“The actors and animation reinforce the shared attributes of Diet Coke, such as ‘bounce’ or ‘tingle,'” said Esther Lee, chief creative officer, The Coca-Cola Company. “Kate and Adrien were selected for their ability to personify those attributes.”

The new Diet Coke television ads “Tingle” and “Bounce” were directed by Michel Gondry, who directed the current and critically-acclaimed release “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

The print ads each feature a tight shot of the face of a Diet Coke drinker, surrounded by bubbles, with a single word — “Tingle,” “Kick” or “Sparkle” — that reinforces the brand attributes. The radio spot, “Song,” starts with a few simple musical notes that build into a song as musical cues are added and the “effervescence” builds.

Advertising for Diet Coke is handled by Foote Cone & Belding/New York.

The effervescence of Diet Coke also comes to life on the new packaging and other promotional graphics for Diet Coke, to remind consumers of the “lift” that they can enjoy with a Diet Coke.

New product and promotions contributing to growth

Diet Coke is experiencing solid growth in 2004, as more and more consumers are being attracted to the brand and the category. Several initiatives are helping to lead the growth.

Currently, Diet Coke is running a national promotion with the hit movie “13 Going on 30” starring Jennifer Garner. Advertising support includes national television, cinema, radio and Internet. The promotion features a grand prize trip to Hollywood to meet a star from the film, and one in three packages of Diet Coke offers a free companion ticket to see the movie, and two in three packages offer a $5.00 rebate on the purchase of one of five select DVDs.

In January, new Diet Coke with Lime hit store shelves and is being exceptionally well-received by consumers, selling ahead of projections. The “light” citrus flavor approach taken with Diet Coke with Lime also was applied to a reformulated Diet Coke with Lemon, which was reintroduced at the same time.

Coca-Cola North America also is in the process of rolling out a merchandising program called “Treat Yourself Light,” that creates convenient diet beverage centers in supermarkets, mass merchandising outlets and drug stores. Anchored by Diet Coke, it features all diet carbonated soft drinks and Minute Maid Light products in the Coca-Cola North America portfolio.

The Diet Coke portfolio in the U.S. now includes Diet Coke, introduced in 1982; Caffeine-Free Diet Coke (1983); Diet Cherry Coke (1985); Diet Coke with Lemon (2001); Diet Vanilla Coke (2002); and Diet Coke with Lime (2004). Diet Coke is the number one diet soft drink in the country and the world, and third best-selling carbonated soft drink overall in the U.S. and the world (where in some countries it is called Coca-Cola Light).

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