Craft Brewers Guild of Boston Launches Blueprint Brands, an Artisan Spirits Division

Everett, MA, September 30, 2013 – Craft Brewers Guild of Boston is proud to announce the launch of a craft spirits division, Blueprint Brands. The Blueprint Brands portfolio features an artfully curated selection of boutique distilleries that are committed to the production of small batch spirits, with a steady focus on well sourced ingredients and hands-on production methods. With a mindful eye on the craft distilling boom currently underway in the United States, Blueprint Brands continue to procure both domestic and international artisan distilleries, with a fully diverse portfolio of product styles and origins.

The portfolio features brands such as Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. of Lexington, Kentucky, Pür Spirits of Germany, Sound Spirits of Seattle, Washington, New England Distilling of Portland, Maine, 1512 Spirits of San Francisco, California, Middle West Spirits of Columbus, Ohio, Truth Spirits of France, SW4 Gin of England, Dulce Vida Tequila of Mexico, and 123 Organic Tequila of Mexico. The portfolio also features a small selection of hand crafted spirits from various European and Asian suppliers courtesy of B United International.

The birth of this new spirits division stems from the great success that Blueprint Brands has seen with Union Beer in New York City and Hunterdon Distributors in New Jersey, two other L. Knife and Son Companies.

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