Diamond Brands Launches Magnifico Giornata, a Line of Infused Essences

LA JOLLA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury beverage company, Diamond Brands Inc., has launched their new infused essence collection, Magnifico Giornata, on the west coast. Beginning this November, consumers can ‘Be Magnifico’ inSouthern California where the line is now available for purchase at fine liquor stores, hotels, nightclubs and lounges. Magnifico Giornata, Italian for ‘magnificent day,’ is “not your ordinary champagne.” Magnifico features all-natural essences sourced exclusively from France to create three distinct profiles: Ginger PecheGrapefruit Blanc and Lavender Honey. The crisp and easy-to-sip social beverage is the perfect every day celebratory indulgence and refreshing accompaniment to any meal. With a successful debut on the east coast in New York, Magnifico-filled glasses were recently raised during the tony October launch premieres of the brand in West Hollywood and La Jolla, California. Available now in select locations in New York City andCalifornia, Magnifico is also available for purchase nationwide online at www.bemagnifico.com for the retail price of $25.99(750ml). Magnifico will be available in Connecticut beginning December 1, 2013 and expansion of the brand will continue in 2014 to other metropolitan cities across the country.

Magnifico breaks from the norm of traditional champagne enjoyment, which is predominantly reserved for special occasions and celebrations. It offers affordable luxury with unparalleled style, and a delicious and innovative alternative to the typical cocktail.

“We wanted to create a new ‘consumption culture’ with Magnifico,” says Robert Manfredonia, co-founder and CEO. “We’re filling a much needed void in the champagne industry by offering a delicious, cosmopolitan beverage meant to be enjoyed weekdays at home after a long day or at a weekend celebration with friends at the hottest hotel lounge in town.”

Crafted from a blend of select grapes from Italy, France and Spain, the subtle sophisticated essence variations pair exceptionally well with an array of culinary indulgences:

  • Ginger Peche: Nuts, spicy appetizers, light pasta dishes and citrus marinated meats
  • Grapefruit Blanc: Artisan cheeses, chocolate and desserts
  • Lavender Honey: Salads, fresh fruit, meat and poultry dishes

“An extensive amount of time was spent researching essence combinations in France and experimenting with varying infusions,” says Magnifico co-founder and Creative Director, Suzanne Giannella. “We ultimately decided to include these three in our portfolio because they are sophisticated, yet so light and refreshing. It’s an innovation in the champagne/sparkling wine category to open the door to enjoying bubbles any day of the week.”

Having already cultivated an almost instant celebrity following from the likes of actresses such as Jessica Szorh (Gossip Girl),Jamie Pressly (Two and Half Men), and Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love.), to name a few, Magnifico was recently selected to be the exclusive champagne brand of the September 2014 film Self/Less starring box office powerhouses Ryan Reynoldsand Ben Kingsley.

The sleek and stylish Magnifico Giornata gold bottle was crafted for enhanced shelf appeal and “wow” factor. Created by the award-winning design team at CF Napa, each luxe bottle is adorned with a satin ribbon and custom black label identifying each infused essence – violet for Lavender Honey, bronze for Ginger Peche and pearl for Grapefruit Blanc.

Magnifico Giornata is less than 100 calories per four ounce serving and has a suggested retail price of $25.99 for a 750 ml bottle or $74.99 for the boxed trio, which is available online and includes free shipping.

Just in time for the holiday season, custom Magnifico essence gift collections will also be available online in three different varieties.

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