Ficks to Begin Production of All-Natural Cocktail Fortifiers in January

New Line of All-Natural Cocktail Fortifiers Combines Great Taste with Health Protection

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 21, 2013 — Two weeks ago, Ficks & Co announced the launch of a line of all-natural, functional cocktail fortifiers that contain a high percentage of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants shown to prevent a rough morning after. The product was marketed on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and received immediate support. The initial fundraising goal of $28,000 was exceeded in the first 15 days of the campaign and Ficks plans to start production in January.

“The world is moving so fast. We realized there needed to be a tool to provide balance between our busy social lives, careers, and active lifestyles,” said Ron Alvarado, co-founder and CEO of Ficks & Co.

Each flavor of Ficks mixes flawlessly with any cocktail, so mixologists don’t have to compromise their recipes and consumers can enjoy the same taste of their favorite drink.

While a ‘hangover prevention’ category does exist, its products insist on being taken before or after drinking to help the responsible or social drinker. Ficks is leading a new category, dubbed Functional Lifestyle Defense, by allowing users to keep their traditional routine while preventing a rough morning after at the same time.

Each of the three flavors – Lemon, Lime and Ginger – of Ficks is all natural, and was formulated in Santa Cruz, California by the natural foods development company Venus Research and Development. Venus has created innovative products for some of the biggest names in the Natural Food Industry, including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and SunOpta, and believes Ficks will lead an innovative new product category.

“Ron and his team came to me about two years ago with this progressive new idea for the Ficks line,” says Grace Venus, head of Venus Research and Development. “We’ve been working in concert since then, developing the perfect flavors for launch and creating an innovative functional blend, while remaining true to the all-natural ingredients. I believe they have something valuable here, and I can’t wait to start seeing it in the grocery store.”

“Some companies are starting to produce ‘hangover shots’ that pack preservatives into little plastic bottles, and they expect you to finish one of them before and after going out,” said Alvarado. “Why can’t you just enjoy your cocktail while replenishing your body at the same time? We asked ourselves that question, and answered it with Ficks.”

Ficks is now available on Indiegogo.

About Ficks & Co

Ficks & Co creates innovative products for consumers to get the vitamins and nutrients their active lifestyles demand, without compromising their cocktails. Founded by Ron Alvarado, Mike Williamson, and Matt McDonald, their line of Ficks functional cocktail fortifiers is available now on Indiegogo to help the world imbibe and thrive.

About Venus Research and Development

Venus Research and Development was founded by Grace Venus in 2003 to develop Private Label and Branded Products for the Natural Food Industry. Venus Research and Development offers a comprehensive resource for small companies searching for innovative product development. Since its inception, Venus Research and Development has assisted bringing over 200 beverages, pasta sauces, soups, salsa, and frozen foods to commercialization. Grace also worked with Fortitech, the company that supplies VitaminWater with its vitamins, to develop the proprietary blend of vitamins found in Ficks.

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