Jersey Artisan Distilling Launches its Flagship Line of Premium Spirits, Busted Barrel Dark Rum

Barrel Aged Rum Straddles the Line between Premium Mixer and Sipping Spirit 

FAIRFIELD, N.J. (October 10, 2013)Jersey Artisan Distilling, New Jersey’s first licensed distillery to open since the repeal of prohibition, announces the release of its flagship line of hand-crafted premium spirits, Busted Barrel® Dark Rum. The genre defying sipping rum will hit New Jersey liquor store shelves on October 14th, 2013.

Jersey Artisan Distilling, located in Fairfield, New Jersey is focused on making classically refined hand crafted spirits that require the passion and attention to detail that has been lost in the mass produced “big liquor” marketplace.  Busted Barrel® Dark Rum is created using all-natural, domestically grown ingredients including the finest molasses from Louisiana. Every drop of Busted Barrel® Dark Rum has been distilled in custom made small batch copper stills. The rum is then stored in charred white American oak barrels for approximately three months with a handful of vanilla beans.

“The aging process that we have created for our Busted Barrel® Dark Rum is meant to recreate the voyage of rum across the Atlantic Ocean in colonial times,” said Krista Haley, co-founder and COO of Jersey Artisan Distilling.  “In those times, rum was the most popular spirit in the world and it was enjoyed by the poor as well as the rich. In the months that our rum is aging in those oak barrels, its characteristics are changing, and the finished product is a smooth sipping spirit that many people nowadays just don’t think about when they think of rum. In a sense, every sip of Busted Barrel® Dark Rum is like a trip back in time.”

Busted Barrel® Dark Rum is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof) and is priced at $34.99 for a 750ml bottle.

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