Millbrook Distillery Launches in New York’s Hudson Valley

Dutchess County-Based Distillery Releases All-New Signature Bourbon – Dutchess Private Reserve

 STANFORDVILLE, NY (Dec. 17, 2013) – Millbrook Distillery of Stanfordville, NY has just announced the release of its Millbrook Private Reserve 2013 Straight Bourbon whiskey.  Dutchess Private Reserve is described as a subtle and sophisticated bourbon that provides a beautiful bouquet of spice and honey, with gentle notes of vanilla to create a smooth finish.  Millbrook Distillery believes in developing the absolute finest product, which is available in stores in New York in December and will expand to neighboring states in the first half of 2014.

They plan to release their Barrel Strength Straight Bourbon whiskey in January of 2014 followed by their Camp Fire Rye whiskey in early 2015.

“I am very proud to announce the official launch of Millbrook Distillery and our new signature bourbon whiskey. This launch culminates several years of hard work and dedication to crafting a smooth, rich bourbon,” said Paul Coughlin, Founder and CEO of Millbrook Distillery. “We feel that that our bourbon will soon be a favorite of true bourbon aficionados.”

The founders, of Millbrook Distillery, Paul Coughlin and Gerry Valenti, are avid outdoorsmen, Dutchess County residents and Bourbon afficianados who saw an opportunity to enter the local agribusiness market.

Bourbon whiskey, “America’s Native Spirit,” is a barrel-aged distilled spirit made from corn, rye and barley.

In concert with the company launch, Millbrook Distillery unveiled its new website, The website contains a unique mixture of multimedia* content which describes the inspiration for their bourbon and how the landscape of the Hudson Valley’s rich history inspired Millbrook’s entire line of bourbons.

Millbrook Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available at local restaurants and purveyors of fine spirits.

Millbrook has also formed a new strategic partnership with DRIVEN Public Relations, an award-winning international public relations firm that specializes in spirit and lifestyle public relations. DRIVEN is tasked with helping Millbrook Distillery launch its signature line of bourbon whiskeys in the upstate New York area by leveraging DRIVEN’s relationships with the spirits and lifestyle media outlets.

“Millbrook Distillery is exactly the kind of client DRIVEN wants to represent. They take a tremendous amount of pride in their craft and we plan on using that spirit to help tell their very rich story,” said Mike Caudill, President of DRIVEN Public Relations. “Millbrook might be new to the bourbon market, but they are no stranger to understanding the artistry and attention to detail required for creating a stellar bourbon. This attitude and level of professionalism shows they are ready for a groundbreaking entrance into the market.”

About Millbrook Distillery

Headquartered in Stanfordville, N.Y., Millbrook Distillery is the creator of a signature line of top-tier bourbon whiskies.  Their bourbon was created in the spirit of the Lewis and Clark’s perseverance and well-honed hunting and fishing skills during their 1804 expedition. Millbrook is also proud to honor the role and contributions of the American foxhound to prohibition-era bootleggers. For more information about Millbrook Distillery, its products and company, please visit  For media information, please contact (951) 719-1040 or