Tagkast Deploys Social Photo Sharing for Jim Beam’s U.S. Events

The social amplification platform announced today that Jim Beam will use its technology to bring live events onto social media in real-time in 14 cities

CHICAGO, Dec. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Chicago-based startup Tagkast today announced a new partnership with Jim Beam to deploy Tagkast’s technology at up to 2,500 on-premise sampling events. Tagkast enables bar goers to share Jim Beam branded photos to their Facebook or Twitter networks right after sampling a new drink. Each shared photo reaches 200 to 300 of the consumer’s friends, and serves as an implied endorsement of the sampled product. Over the course of the year-long partnership, the shared photos will be viewed over 15 million times by the Facebook friends and Twitter followers of the posting users.

“Jim Beam is a leader in the alcohol and beverage space, and we’re excited to provide a way for them to socially amplify their events and see a measurable return on investment for bringing offline events onto social media,” said Joe Matthews, co-founder of Tagkast. “Using Tagkast, millions of Facebook users will see that their friends had a great experience with Jim Beam products. These implied brand endorsements will lead directly to more trials and sales.”

Prior to Tagkast, brands had limited options for bringing offline events – such as whiskey samplings – into the social media world. With traditional event photographers, consumers received cards to log online later, and more than 90 percent never post the photos to social media or share with friends.

With instant photo sharing through Tagkast, more than 60 percent of people post photos – which are branded with company logos, or include links to company websites – in real-time to their own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“Our platform gives event marketers a simple, measurable and easy way to digitally amplify their events through social media,” added Matthews. “With traditional national sampling programs, brand ambassadors engage with 200,000 to 250,000 consumers. By adding Tagkast, Jim Beam amplifies their reach to more than 15 million people through social media.”

Jim Beam’s events will be hosted in 14 top cities, including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, St. Louis, Denver, and Louisville.

About Tagkast
Tagkast is a uniquely designed service that helps event marketers amplify live events through social media photo sharing. Tagkast’s mobile photo sharing solution uses DSLR cameras to take professional photos of guests and allows them to view and share the photos through a connected tablet. Tagkast works with the world’s best event marketers including Subaru, MiniUSA, Clear Channel, Russian Standard, DFCBX, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Common Ground, National Urban League and Jaguar.

Tagkast is venture-backed by prominent investors NLJ Investments, Lightbank and NEA.

For more information, visit tagkast.com.