Aermate Inroduces New Tabletop Wine & Spirits Aerator

Aermate TabletopCHICAGO — April 17, 2014 — Aermate Products LLC announced the release of the new Aermate “Tabletop” Wine & Spirits Aerator — following the success of the original Full Bottle version. The new Tabletop version is portable, designed for single use and stands only 5-inches tall. The Aermate injects “microbubbles” into a glass or bottle — a superior method to letting wine breathe for an extended period of time. The Aermate unlocks latent flavor of wines. It works on all red and white wines, as well as fine liquor and spirits like scotch, bourbon and tequila.

The new Tabletop version will be available in May and features several industry innovations. It is the first product to aerate a single glass of wine or spirits. It stands upright on a bar or counter, alleviating the need for a holder or display case. It has a built-in drip cup that eliminates mess or spills. Like all Aermates, it includes the MicroBubble Tip that infuses micron-sized air particles in the beverage for an improved, quicker and more consistent aeration. The Tabletop version includes a travel holster/clip, so it can be easily fastened to a shirt pocket, apron, purse or travel bag. Its flexibility and size is ideal for travel (it’s TSA compliant). Consumers can now enjoy superior tasting wine and spirits at a bar, restaurant, hotel and even on an airplane.

Decanting wine has been the standard for centuries. The Aermate Tabletop is designed to aerate a single glass in seconds. Aeration has been shown to improve the taste of wine, awaken its natural aroma, and enhance its drinkability. It reduces tannins, acidity and sulfides. Whether it is a bold Malbec from Argentina, a robust Cabernet Savignon from Napa or a crisp Chardonay from Australia, Aermate will breath the right amount of air into wine. Aermate also improves the flavor of fine Tequila, Scotch, Whiskey, Cognac … and even coffee.

“With the Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator, we address the ability for consumers and service professionals to aerate to taste in multiple types of beverages” says Michael Roach, Managing Director for Aermate Products. “It works on simple principles of physics and nature while providing a tool that is not only portable, but well built with no glass to break or plastics that can crack and contain chemicals.”

The Aermate is constructed of food-grade stainless steel and silicone, like many cookware tools in a kitchen drawer. It was designed to be durable, long lasting and tough. The Aermate Tabletop retails for $24.99 online at and