Anchor Distilling Brings BarSol Perfecto Amor to the U.S. Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 30, 2014– BarSol Pisco introduces a Peruvian tradition with the launch of BarSol Perfecto Amor in the United States through importer Anchor Distilling Company. Named after the perfect marriage of pisco and grape juice obtained from the crush, BarSol Perfecto Amor is a Peruvian aperitif crafted in the Ica Valley, famous for pisco and produced in one of the oldest distilleries of Peru, Bodega San Isidro, dating back to the 1800s.

Made in small batches, BarSol Perfecto Amor is a blend of fortified grape juice from the Quebranta, Italia, and Torontel varietals. Each grape is juiced separately and fortified by pisco distilled of that same grape before blending the varietals together to become BarSol Perfecto Amor.

“It was a long-standing tradition amongst pisco producers in Peru to make fortified wine for personal consumption by adding pisco to fresh, sweet grape juice,” says BarSol Co-Founder Diego Loret de Mola. “The tradition was lost as a result of military government agricultural reforms started in 1968; with Perfecto Amor, as the drink has always been known, we’re bringing the tradition back.”

Golden in color, BarSol Perfecto Amor has notes of sweet almonds and macadamia nuts entwined with flavors of raisins and dried apricots, and a smooth, long finish – creating a seamless balance on the palate. The aperitif wine is ideal for cocktails or simply over ice. BarSol Perfecto Amor recently earned 93 points and the Chairman’s Trophy in the Ultimate Wine Challenge in 2013.

“Bar Sol Perfecto Amor is a new, unique and delicious entrant to the American drinks market” says David King, President of Anchor Distilling Company. “Although relatively low in alcohol, it truly bursts with flavor and I believe it will become a ‘must have’ ingredient both in the bars and homes of discerning customers”

BarSol Perfecto Amor (17% ABV, 750ml) will be available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $18.99.

About BarSol Pisco

BarSol Pisco was conceived by Diego Loret De Mola and Carlos Ferreyros with the help and support of the Mendiola family, who claim more than three generations of pisco making from the very same estate where BarSol is produced today, Bodega San Isidro. BarSol leads the pisco category, exporting pisco to the USA since 2005. BarSol Pisco is crafted in small batches and distilled to bottle proof; neither water nor any other ingredients are added, thereby creating the finest product produced under the SOL of Ica, one glass at a time. For more information, please visit:

About Anchor Distilling Company

Anchor Distilling Company aims to provide the bridge between discerning buyers and the world’s finest spirits. A privately owned distiller and importer, Anchor boasts an artisanal portfolio with more than 300 specialty products from nearly 20 countries. Our products are from multigenerational, family-owned companies and are sought by connoisseurs for their superior handcrafted artisanal qualities. From a distilling perspective, Anchor is dedicated to creating very small batches of traditionally distilled spirits. For more information, please visit