Anchor Distilling Company Debuts Anchor Old Tom Gin

anchor-old-tom-gin(SAN FRANCISCO, September 4, 2014) – San Francisco’s Anchor Distilling Company introduces Anchor Old Tom Gin.  This is the third style of small-batch gin produced by the distillery which currently includes Junipero Gin, a classic London dry gin, and Genevieve, Genever-style gin. Anchor Old Tom, like its historical predecessors, is pot-distilled with juniper berries and other botanicals, sweeter than modern London dry gin, and bottled unfiltered.  Though produced with the traditional botanicals star anise and licorice root, Anchor Old Tom also features an unconventional ingredient—stevia. Sourced from Paraguay, the stevia contributes to the gin’s sweetness and creates a sophisticated, silky-sweet complexity that makes it perfect for mixing cocktails both old and new.

Anchor’s rakish tomcat featured on the label is a nod to Captain Dudley Bradstreet, who is rumored to have created an illicit gin “vending machine” on the streets of 18th-century London and advertised his product with the sign of a sly black cat. Customers put money through a slot in the cat’s mouth and Bradstreet would “bid them receive it from the Pipe under her Paw” while pouring it through a funnel.

“Anchor Distilling Co. has been at the forefront of artisanal distilling in America since 1993. Following this tradition we are delighted to announce the creation of Anchor Old Tom Gin. A truly historical category modernized through the judicious use of spices and stevia root. We believe our ‘Old Tom’ will be an essential addition to any well-made Collins or Martinez cocktail,” says David King, president of Anchor Distilling Company.

Anchor Old Tom Gin

Old Tom has a classical juniper nose with hints of sweetness, star anise, and licorice on the mid palate with a subtle but sweet and pleasing finish.

750 ml 45% ABV Suggested Retail Price $29.95

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