Atsby New York Vermouth Launches First-Ever Reserve Vermouth

Atsby Armadillo Cake Reserve VermouthNEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Atsby New York Vermouth, America’s first East Coast producer of craft vermouth, today announced the launch of its 2-Year Aged, Reserve Armadillo Cake Vermouth, the first Aged Vermouth ever to be released in the United States. This limited edition vermouth continues to build on the Atsby line of vermouths that radically rethink the fundamentals of this long-neglected category by using bold and flavorful ingredients from New York State and around the globe.  The result is highly sophisticated, aromatic, and nuanced vermouth that can be sipped and enjoyed neat, chilled, on the rocks, or used to elevate your favorite classic cocktail.  With a suggested retail price of $45 for a 500 ml bottle, Atsby Reserve is available in limited quantities and will first go on sale on on October 15.

Since its launch in September 2012, Atsby New York Vermouth has continued to win cocktail menu placements at top cocktail lounges and restaurants in New York City and throughout the country and world. Now distributed in 20 domestic markets, and several countries across the globe, as well as by online retailers for shipment to any market, “Atsby vermouth is a game changer,” said Josh Sontag, head bartender, at the Ace Hotel.  Atsby Vermouth launched in Australia and Montreal, Canada last month and is set to launch in dozens of additional U.S. and foreign markets in the next six months.

“During the course of creating Atsby, I knew I had something special on my hands that had the potential to be embraced by people around the world,” said Adam Ford, founder and creator of Atsby New York Vermouth. “Our Armadillo Cake Reserve showcases, even more so, the uniquely special qualities that only a vermouth can offer to the craft spirit revolution, with its superior marriage of flavors that present a sophistication and refinement never experienced from a vermouth before.”

Atsby New York Vermouths are handcrafted in small batches using a North Fork vintage chardonnay wine and a premium apple brandy distilled from 100 percent New York apples.  Both feature the finest hand-selected (and in some cases, hand-crushed, sliced, and roasted) roots, spices, herbs, flowers, seeds, and pods, as well as carefully sourced natural sweeteners, such as raw summer honey and Indian muscovado sugar.

Ford is currently is writing a book called Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit that Created America’s Cocktail Culture. It will be the “first-ever” look at the history and recent revival of the drink. There will be photos by Reka Nyari and cocktail recipes and it will be published by Countryman Press, a division of WW Norton & Company. No release date has been given yet.

Vermouth has a venerable New York tradition and was once the drink of choice from the late 1800s through the 1920s.  After Prohibition, scores of American wineries produced it, especially in New York State, in an attempt to recapture that Gatsby-era glamour.  As the Post-War years dragged on, this special beverage lost its prominence and completely fell from grace when the European producers decreased the quality of their vermouths and the ’60s counterculture rejected America’s cocktail culture.  The introduction of Atsby New York Vermouth in 2012 marked the end of the dark days of vermouth by offering intriguingly fresh, nuanced flavors that invite sensorial exploration.

Ford was introduced to the romance of vermouth by his wife while hiking on the Tour Du Mont Blanc in Italy, where he became intrigued by the beverage’s complex and mysterious nature.  Inspired, he created Atsby Vermouth with one goal: to create a revolutionary new style of American vermouth sourced from the best local ingredients found in his native state of New York.

“I wanted to make a vermouth that paid homage to its once vibrant American, and specifically New York history, and reflected the terroir and essence of its origins.  Atsby New York Vermouth embodies this perfectly and offers the best of New York in a glass—past, present, and future,” said Ford.

About Rhys & Rylee
Headquartered in New York City, Rhys & Rylee is a producer of artisanal vermouths.  Founded by Adam Ford, a vermouth revolutionary, its first product line, Atsby New York Vermouth, is redefining the category.  Its expressions, Amberthorn, Armadillo Cake, and most recently Atsby Reserve, are flavorful yet nuanced vermouths that can be sipped neat, chilled, on the rocks or in cocktails.  For more information please visit  The company can be friended at Facebook and followed on Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram.