Azzurre Spirits Launches Ultra-Premium Vodka

Azzurre VodkaAzzurre Spirits debuts ultra premium, all American, naturally gluten free sipping vodka

Traveling the Indy racing circuit with his Champ Car race team, Azzurre Spirits founder and owner, Dan Pettit, was privy to taste and experience much of the best in food and drink from around the globe.

As a fine spirits enthusiast, Pettit became keenly aware that many of his peers were under the impression that more distilling is what makes a better vodka.

This theory just didn’t sound correct, thought Pettit. “Repeated distilling and filtering is not what creates superior vodka. What if you simply began with natural, higher quality ingredients in the first place?”

After years of research, Pettit’s vision for the perfect vodka came to life-an exceptional blend of golden apples, wine grapes, and sugar cane, all of which naturally contained far less impurities than grains, potatoes, or corn.

Hand-crafted and copper pot distilled, Azzurre Vodka is an American made, ultra premium, blended spirit created from ingredients that are gluten free, as nature intended, and with no additional sugar added.  The final touch: pristine, glacial waters from the granite mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

An Award Winning Experience                                                                                                  

Azzurre Vodka creates an elegant experience for vodka enthusiasts seeking a high quality, sippable spirit that can be enjoyed any night of the week.

The taste is lush, smooth, and round on the palate – a striking contrast to high proof spirits that leave you with a lingering burn on the finish.

Others experts seem to agree. In just a few short months after launch, Azzurre Vodka has already been awarded Triple Gold at the 2014 MicroLiquor Awards, the highest achievable award by their panel of judges, and a Gold Medal from the 2014 Craft Spirits Awards Competition.

Sustainability Is In their DNA

The brand is committed to supporting sustainable production and locally sourced agriculture whenever possible.  Bottles are 100% recyclable, tree free, with a reusable glass stopper.

Azzurre Spirits Vodka is currently seeking distribution for their gluten free, 100% American made vodka. Suggested retail price for Azzurre Spirits Vodka is $32.