Chicago Company Introduces the Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator

Convenient and durable bar tool provides an innovative way to aerate alcoholic beverages

CHICAGO — Aermate Products LLC announced the release of the Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator. Aermate injects “microbubbles” into a glass or bottle — a superior method to letting wine breathe for an extended period of time. The Aermate Aerator unlocks latent flavor of wines. It works on all red and white wines, as well as fine liquor and spirits like scotch, bourbon and tequila.

The Aermate is designed to aerate an entire bottle or single glass in seconds. Aeration has been shown to improve the taste of wine, awaken its natural aroma, and enhance its drinkability. It reduces tannins, acidity and sulfides. The Aermate features a sleek modern design and rugged stainless steel construction that provides long-term durability. It conveniently stores in your kitchen drawer for easy access

“Aermate provides a fast, effective and customizable aeration of a whole bottle or single glass,” said Michael Roach, Aermate co-founder and co-owner. “Not all wines and liquors need the same amount of aeration, so with the Aermate, you can aerate to taste.”

The Aermate retails for $39.95 online at or