Coppercraft Distillery Releases First Aged Whiskies

HOLLAND, Mich. (July 17, 2014) – Coppercraft Distillery, a Holland-based distiller of quality spirits with a focus on local ingredients and production, today announced the distribution of its first ever whiskeys, High Rye Malt Whiskey, High Wheat Whiskey, and 100% Corn Whiskey to the entire Michigan market. Look for Coppercraft whiskeys in local retail locations and featured in cocktails at local establishments.

Coppercraft Distillery Releases First Aged Whiskies

“We are very excited to be releasing our very first whiskeys,” said Owner and Co-Founder Walter Catton. “With a combination of small barrel and traditional barrel aging we will continually release new and exciting products that showcase the variations we can make as distillers in the ingredients, processes, and aging.”

The three whiskeys have been aging for nine months to produce very distinct flavors. The High Rye Malt Whiskey pulls out hints of dried coco and malt leaving a peppercorn spice finishing with a hint of sweetness. As you taste the High Wheat Whiskey, it opens with a sweetness followed by a soft dry oat flavor finishing with the presence of toffee. The Corn Whiskey exemplifies the most raw grain flavor with a sweet aroma of fresh shucked corn, followed by a vanilla sweetness from the barrel.

“We feel like the aged products are going to be the driving force behind the craft distilling movement and are excited to release our first three whiskeys,” said Co-Founder Mark Fellwock. “We picked these whiskeys to really accentuate three of the main grains used in the whiskey making process; rye, wheat and corn. It’s a very exciting day for us as distillers to release our first aged spirits into the market.”

Coppercraft Distillery receives corn and rye, in addition to other heritage grains from local Holland farmer Don Boersen; in addition to procuring as many other raw materials as possible from local vendors.

In addition to the new whiskeys, Coppercraft Distillery is currently producing gin, rum, vodka and citrus flavored vodka. Coppercraft Distillery is also producing and aging bourbons and brandies that are set for release later this year.

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About Coppercraft Distillery
With simple ingredients grown by local farmers, Coppercraft Distillery creates a full line of distilled spirits that celebrates the harvest, as well as a shared passion for hard work, exceptional quality, and genuine relationships. Coppercraft Distillery is proud to present the community with a premium experience from grain-to-glass. Founded in 2012, Coppercraft Distillery joins the ranks of more than 30 other licensed companies in Michigan, a state that ranks sixth in the nation for distilleries. Industry experts estimate that the growing market for handcrafted spirits could add $400 million to the state economy in 2014. Coppercraft Distillery products are distributed by General Wine and Spirits in Michigan and are also available in the Chicago and Colorado markets.