Deep Eddy Introduces Cranberry-Infused Vodka

Award-winning vodka brand continues expansion; n ow available in 32 states after only three years

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –– Deep Eddy, one of the fastest growing spirit brands in the country, has announced the newest addition to its family of vodkas. Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka (Cran) is a refreshing beverage made with real cranberries harvested from the finest New England cranberry farms and will be hitting shelves in early 2014. Like all Deep Eddy spirits, Cran is gluten-free and is handcrafted in small batches in the Deep Eddy distillery in Austin, Texas.

Deep Eddy Cran is free of artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup and can be served on the rocks or mixed with beer, champagne and infinite other ingredients to create the perfect cocktail. Consumers can purchase it in four sizes: 50 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter and 1.75 liter.

“The success of our Ruby Red (Grapefruit) Vodka proved to us that there is a deep appreciation for classic cocktail flavors when they are made with the very best ingredients.  Several of the most frequently consumed cocktails are made with cranberry, and we have delivered a truly incredible flavor that will allow people to easily create their favorite cocktails,” said Eric Dopkins, CEO of Deep Eddy Vodka.

Deep Eddy launched in 2010 and has since expanded to 32 states. In addition to the new Cranberry-infused vodka, Deep Eddy makes an award-winning all natural straight vodka, Sweet Tea Vodka and Ruby Red grapefruit-infused vodka. Deep Eddy was a Medalist at the 2011, 2012 and 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and won a Silver Medal, Bronze Medal and Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition in New York.  In 2013, Deep Eddy Ruby Red and Deep Eddy Straight were also awarded a Gold Medal at the International Craft Spirits Awards, while Sweet Tea was awarded a Silver Medal.

“For our cranberry-infused vodka, we wanted to build on the classic cranberry flavor that has been enjoyed for generations,” said Clayton Christopher, Co-Founder of Deep Eddy Vodka. “Deep Eddy Cran is made from the finest cranberries in the country, which complement the natural sweetness that comes from the pure cane sugar. It is perfect for sipping straight or mixed with a nice champagne or natural fruit juice.”

The sweet and refreshing flavor of Deep Eddy Cran is created using Deep Eddy’s signature column distillation process, during which vodka is distilled 10 times in a state-of-the-art 20-foot column still to remove impurities and create a smooth finish. This sustainable distillation process creates zero waste. It is also filtered over charcoal four times slowly and gently in order to preserve subtle flavors during the filtration process. Then Deep Eddy adds New England cranberries and pure cane sugar to produce a light taste that is perfect for day drinking responsibly on a patio, porch or by a swimming pool. All cranberries sourced for Deep Eddy products are non-GMO and come from farms with sustainable farming practices.

“At Deep Eddy, the quality of our products is a matter of personal pride.  We spent a significant amount of time perfecting the Cran flavor and finding the very best source of cranberries in North America,” said Chad Auler, Co-Founder of Deep Eddy Vodka.  “We could have launched a good product with less expensive ingredients months ago, but we kept working until we were satisfied that we had developed a product worthy of the Deep Eddy name.”

Deep Eddy Cran will be available sale beginning in February 2014 in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas, Rhode Island, Washington State, Washington D.C. More states will be added throughout the year.

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Launched in 2010, Deep Eddy is a premium vodka company based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs with a background in beverage and spirits, Chad Auler (creator of Savvy Vodka) and Clayton Christopher (creator of Sweet Leaf Tea). Deep Eddy is recognized for its unique production process and use of high quality ingredients. All Deep Eddy products are distilled 10 times in a state-of-the-art 20-foot column still, filtered over charcoal four times, and include premium ingredients including Texas spring water, 100% pure cane sugar and real honey and tea, grapefruit or cranberry. The company’s line of products includes: Deep Eddy Straight Vodka, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and Deep Eddy Ruby Red. Deep Eddy Vodka is available in stores throughout the country. More information on the company can be found at