Fattoria di Limone Announces a Partnership with Kymar Farm Distillery

Fattoria di Limone partners with Ky Mar FarmsPALATINE BRIDGE, N.Y., Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The owners of Fattoria di Limone, a premium American-made limoncello, announce a partnership with Kymar Farm Distillery of Charlotteville, New York. Kymar Farm Distillery, founded in 2011, is now distilling, blending, and bottling Fattoria di Limone Limoncello Original Liqueur at their new 37,000 square foot production facility in Charlotteville, where Kymar also creates their own locally-sourced products.

Fattoria di Limone Limoncello Original Liqueur is made entirely from natural ingredients, following a classic Italian recipe: hand-peeled lemons are steeped in alcohol until natural oils are released. The resulting emulsion is blended with simple syrup for a distinct lemon flavor without the tartness of pure lemon juice. The Kymar production facility, which features a tasting room, continues to utilize this blending process.

“We’re proud to partner with Kymar Farm Distillery, which gives us access to large-scale, first-rate production of our limoncello,” saysErik Christman, President and COO of Fattoria. “Our goal is to create a consistent taste experience for Fattoria fans everywhere, from batch to batch, as we continue to expand our brand. Kymar has an established reputation and noteworthy experience with farming, the back office, and production. And Kymar shares our passion for bringing local hand-crafted products to consumers, as they like to say, ‘from the field to the glass’.”

Fattoria di Limonewhich means “lemon farm” in Italian—is a minority-owned, environmentally-conscious company led by two entrepreneurs, Dawn Jacksland and Mr. Christman, who share several decades of experience in sales, marketing, and advertising. Plans for the coming year include the launch of another premium limoncello featuring Meyer lemons and a caramel cream liquor.