Fidencio Spirits Brings La Venenosa Raicilla Mezcal to The U.S. Market

New York City, NY (PRWEB) Fidencio Spirits, importer of Fidencio Mezcal, proudly announces the newest addition to the portfolio, La Venenosa Raicilla, the first to enter The US market… legally. Raicilla is an agave spirit from Jalisco and falls within the historic definition of mezcal in production but falls outside the Mezcal DO geographically. The category of Raicilla is a trade organization with over 70 member distillers, and it is on its way to becoming an official Denomination of Origen. Raicillas have extraordinarily dynamic flavors and the La Venenosa selections are some of the best.

La Venenosa Raicilla

La Venenosa, founded and curated by Chef Esteban Morales, they represent 4 distinct areas within the Region, from different producers, agaves, equipment and terroir. The name Raicilla has been used for centuries to describe the mezcal of Jalisco. It came about in the 1700’s as a deception to avoid taxes on mezcal levied by the Spanish Crown. The deception worked… until now!

Raicilla is a mezcal under the historic definition of mezcal (anything distilled from agave in Mexico). Raicilla is from Jalisco; outside the current geographic area of the Mezcal DO so therefore cannot be labeled Mezcal. While within the boundaries of the Tequila DO, Raicilla cannot be labeled as Tequila since it does not adhere to many rules of the Tequila DO, most notably Raicillas are produced using many species of agave.

Each expression of La Venenosa is truly a new experience. While traditionally sipped neat, the cocktail community will have a new color in their palette and we are excited to enjoy the creativity that it inspires. La Venenosa will be available in major markets September 1st.

La Venenosa Sierra (Black Label) SRP $70 – Soft rich fruits like papaya and avocado balance the bracing acidity. This is a unique experience that can be used in one of a kind cocktails.

  •     Region – Sierra Occidental de Jalisco
  •     Agave – Maximiliana (aka Lechugilla), cultivated from seed
  •     Maestro Tabernero – Don Ruben Peña
  •     Distillation – One pass in a hybrid Filipino/Arabic still
  •     Roast – Adobe oven, black oak
  •     Bottled – Undiluted at 42.0% ABV

La Venenosa Costa (Green Label) SRP $85 – A beautiful balance of smoked cedar and pine flavors with a floral and vegetal agave quality.

  •     Region – Costa de Jalisco
  •     Agave – Rhodacantha (aka Amarillo Grande), cultivated from seed
  •     Maestro Tabernero – Don Alberto Hernandez
  •     Distillation – Two passes in a Filipino style still made from the trunk of the Higuera Blanca     tree
  •     Roast – Adobe oven, black oak
  •     Bottled – Undiluted at 45.5% ABV

La Venenosa Sur (Red Label) SRP $95 – Dusty earth, herbs and game. The finish is dry and pleasantly bitter.

  •     Region – Sur de Jalisco
  •     Agave – Angustifolia and Cenizo, wild foraged
  •     Maestro Tabernero – Don Arturo Campos
  •     Distillation – Two passes in a Filipino style ceramic still
  •     Roast – conical earthen oven, black oak
  •     Bottled – Undiluted at 47.0% ABV

La Venenosa Sierra Del Tigre (Orange Label) SRP $130 – Very rare with production limited to 700L/year. It starts with notes of stinky cheese on the nose that transforms into chocolate covered cherries on the palate. Absolutely incredible!

  •     Region – Sierra del Tigre de Jalisco
  •     Agave – Inaequdens (aka Bruto), wild foraged
  •     Maestro Tabernero – Don Luis Contreras
  •     Distillation – One pass in a Filipino style ceramic still
  •     Roast – conical earthen oven, black oak
  •     Bottled – Undiluted at 46.0%ABV