Hella Bitter to Unveil ‘Craft Your Own Bitters’ Kit

hella bitterNEW YORK — Beverage startup, Hella Bitter, is doing their part to serve up the cocktail trend to a bubbling audience of millennials enamored by the food and beverage renaissance. Seizing an opportunity in the growing mixology and entertaining scene, co-founders Tobin, Jomaree and Eddie are out to demystify the most shrugged about ingredient in cocktails today: Bitters.

“…the small-batch bitters producer is helping you bring the fun of making tasty alcoholic extracts—a key element of many great cocktails—into your own home.”


Summer 2014, the trio is primed to unveil the newest addition in their line of premium crafted products, the “Craft Your Own Bitters” kit. Designed for the maker in each of us, CYOB is a handsome all-inclusive set for producing delicious small batch bitters at home; complete with the necessary tools and spice blends for signature citrus and aromatic flavors.

About the Hella Bitter Team

Hella Bitter is an all-natural craft bitters company committed to being the premium alternative to mass- produced and often artificially flavored extracts. What began in a mason jar in our own kitchen evolved in just a few years into one of the fastest growing craft bitters companies around. Founded in Brooklyn, and thriving in NYC, our passion for quality has been there since the beginning and it’s how we went from being a weekend project, to a bitters company in serious pursuit of the delicious.

As we’ve grown we’ve never lost sight of the craftsmanship of our products. It’s a quality we believe belongs behind every bar and in the cabinets of every kitchen. Whether it’s a classic cocktail, a brand new recipe or that secret ingredient in your salad dressing, Hella Bitter is there to make your life more delicious.


Jomaree Pinkard | Co­Founder | 646­267­3341 | Jomaree@HellaBitters.com

Eduardo Simeon | Co­Founder | 510­406­1097 | Eddie@HellaBitters.com

Tobin Ludwig | Co­Founder | 607­316­3072 | Tobin@HellaBitters.com