Lean Beverages Introduces Lean Vodka, a Lower-Calorie Spirit

Lean VodkaTampa, FL (PRWEB) December 17, 2014 — With holiday celebrations nearly here, millions of Americans will be looking for ways to indulge without the bulge. That’s what makes Tampa-based Lean Beverages’ launch of their much-anticipated line of low calorie, herbal-infused vodka exciting to the health and wellness community. Lean™ Vodka is an ultra-premium spirit infused with herbs and natural flavors, with about 1/3 fewer calories than other vodkas. Lean will be distributed by Republic National Distributing Company and will be available this month in select restaurants in the Tampa Bay area with a full retail launch scheduled to begin in the new year.

While the calories may have disappeared, flavor is front and center. The company offers Lean™ in three varieties – Regular, Vanilla and Yumberry (yang-mei fruit with a berry flavor)– each of which is infused with ginseng, green tea and guarana. These herbs have been used in medicinal therapies and nutritional supplements for ages and together they contribute to Lean™ Vodka’s distinct and sophisticated flavor profile with a smoothness that only nature can provide.

Lean™ is refined by a patented distilling process that reduces the impurities in liquor caused by traditional distillation methods, resulting in full flavor and a smoother finish than other vodkas. The combination of the distilling technology and herbal infusion created vodka that begs to be consumed neat, giving way to Lean™’s signature drink –the Leantini™. You can say goodbye to the high calorie sweeteners and mixers that stack on the extra unnecessary calories. Of course for those that choose to get creative with their cocktails, our mixologist has confirmed that Lean plays nicely with all of the most common mixers!

Lean™ does not stop the fun there –the two flavored vodkas continue to boast individuality by pouring with a hint of color, making them as appealing to the eyes as they are to the palate. As distinctive as Lean™ Vodka is for what comes out of the bottle, the bottle itself is part of what makes the brand so special. Lean™’s sleek, elegant black bottle stands out from the rest of the clear glass competitors on the bar, making a statement before the first drink is even poured.

Lean™ Vodka was developed as a collaboration between Brent Agin, MD, a physician who has spent his career focusing on health and wellness, particularly in regard to nutrition and age management, and Chris Gutierrez, a health-focused marketer and designer with a vision for beverages that change the way people think about and interact with alcohol. Dr. Agin’s motivation to develop Lean™ Vodka was actually sparked by his patients.

“For years my patients asked me what type of alcoholic beverages they could consume while on a nutrition program, but I had no clear answer for them,” said Agin. “When I couldn’t find a premium low-calorie spirit on the market, I decided to create one so everyone can enjoy a premium spirit with a clean conscience.”

In fact, the concept of a beverage with a conscience is a fundamental part of the Lean™ Vodka ethos. Lean™ is proud to be part of Local Choice™ Spirits, the only luxury spirits line in the world with a broad range of multi-award-winning, Kosher-certified, proprietary products with an inspiring humanitarian twist: a game-changing global movement aptly named Pour It Forward. Local Choice™ donates $2 per bottle back to the local communities where their products are sold, adding another layer of meaning to the phrase “drink responsibly.”

To celebrate the launch of Lean™ Vodka, the brand will be hosting a series of off-premise sampling events at select retailers nationwide starting January 2015.

Drink Lean™ on the rocks or try one of these delicious low calorie Leantinis™:

Vanilla Mint Leantini™ (74 calories) 
1 ½ Parts Lean™ Vanilla Vodka 
1 ½ parts Club Soda 
3 Mint Leaves

Muddle all ingredients in a shaker. Fill with ice cubes. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with mint leaf.

Basil Leantini™ (79 calories) 
1 ½ Parts Lean™ Vanilla Vodka 
1 ½ parts Club Soda 
3 Basil Leaves 
5 Raspberries 
1 Mint Leaf

Muddle all ingredients in a shaker. Fill with ice cubes. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with mint leaf.

Lean Pom Leantini™ (83 calories) 
1 ½ Parts Lean™ Vanilla Vodka 
1 ½ Parts Sparkling Water 
1 TBSP Pomegranate Seeds 
1 Basil Leaf

Muddle all ingredients in a shaker. Fill a Collins glass with crushed ice, stir and pour. 
Garnish with a basil leaf.

About Lean™ Vodka 

Lean™, your waist line’s favorite vodka. Lean™ Vodka is an ultra-premium, herb-infused, low-calorie vodka created with the sophisticated and health conscious connoisseur in mind. Made with the purest spring water and finest quality grains, Lean™ is the first low-calorie, ultra-premium vodka, and the first to infuse its spirit with herbs including green tea leaf, ginseng and guarana. Lean™ is available in three varieties: Regular, Vanilla and Yumberry (30% alc. / vol., 60 proof) in 750ml for a suggested retail price of $34.99. For more information visitLeanVodka.com or call (866) 801-8411. Like and follow us on social media: Facebook.com/LeanVodka;Twitter.com/LeanVodka; Instagram.com/LeanVodka.