Mystic Bourbon Liqueur Expands Distribution to South Carolina

Mystic Bourbon LiqueurDurham, N.C. — Mystic Bourbon Liqueur is a handcrafted, small-batch spirit made in Durham, North Carolina from mature Bourbon Whiskey, wildflower honey, and nine select spices. Mystic Bourbon Liqueur was launched by Barrister & Brewer in November 2013, and has grown rapidly throughout North Carolina.

Mystic will be distributed in South Carolina by Southern Wine and Spirits of South Carolina – one of the State’s largest and most successful spirits distributors; a division of Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc., the leading nationally recognized wine and spirits distributor in the United States.

The product will launch first in the border market near Charlotte with tastings and special retail pricing, and will conduct planned expansion through all of South Carolina during summer 2014. Barrister & Brewer is an NC licensed brokerage for distilled spirits based in Durham, North Carolina. Our premier product is Mystic Bourbon Liqueur. We invite you to learn more about Mystic online and on Facebook.

Southern Wine & Spirits of South Carolina is one of the state’s largest wine, spirits and beer distribution companies, with more than 400 sales and support staff now working. The Company’s 365,000 square-foot Columbia facility is home to executive, sales, administrative, educational, transportation and business operations.