Ranger Creek to Release Limited Edition .36 Single Barrel Bourbon

Ranger Creek 36 Single Barrel With BoxSAN ANTONIO, TX, December 17, 2014 – Ranger Creek started operations back in November 2010, and they immediately began filling traditional big barrels with bourbon.  After years of waiting that would test the patience of even the strongest willed, the bourbon is finally ready.  This new bourbon is a historic milestone for the San Antonio distillery, and a special limited release is set at select Spec’s stores across the state for this Saturday.

.36 Single Barrel is a special, limited edition release of the first 14 big barrels that were filled at Ranger Creek. Each barrel yielded about 100 bottles, so there are only about 1,400 bottles in existence.  Each bottle is packaged in a limited edition display box and has the barrel number and unique bottle number hand written on it, along with the age statement and vintage. All 14 of these barrels are considered the 2014 vintage. The age statements range from 2 years 9 months up to 3 years 8 months, and there’s interesting variation from barrel to barrel.

.36 Single Barrel is a rare treat. The term “Single Barrel” means all of the whiskey came from one individual barrel, as opposed to multiple barrels being vatted together for a large bottling run. Single Barrel bourbon means the barrels were hand selected and painstakingly bottled one at a time.

Their new whiskey is a historic milestone because it is the first “Straight Bourbon” that the distillery has released, meaning that it was aged at least two years.  Ranger Creek’s current Small Caliber Series is a line of creative, innovative whiskies aged in small barrels for 12-18 months.  Aging straight bourbon in big barrels is a more traditional method, but it takes years.  With this new release, enthusiasts can try the small barrel version and the big barrel version to see which they prefer.

A limited release of .36 Single Barrel is set at select Spec’s stores on Saturday, December 20 at 10:00 am.  One store in each major market will carry about 60 bottles of the new bourbon for the initial release.  Markets include Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.  A tasting of the new bourbon will take place at each store from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Ranger Creek’s head distiller, TJ Miller, will be on hand at the San Antonio store to sign bottles.


Austin – Spec’s Brodie

4970 Highway 290 West


Dallas – Spec’s Dallas

9500 N Central Expressway, #200


Ft. Worth – Spec’s Hulen

2750 South Hulen Street


Houston – Spec’s Smith St

2410 Smith Street (@ W. Gray & McGowen)


San Antonio – Spec’s De Zavala

5219 De Zavala Road, Suite 101