Richard Cacciato Announces Retirement as President and CEO of Frederick Wildman and Sons

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Richard Cacciato, of Frederick Wildman and Sons announces his resignation and retirement as President and Chief Executive Officer effective July 31st 2014.

Dear All,

May 2014 will mark my 25th anniversary with Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd. Who was to know what the future would bring that Monday morning as I was introduced as the Company’s new President. Looking from today’s vantage point it’s been a wonderful journey. I joined a company struggling to find its place in the evolving Wine and Spirits industry. A company rich with history and heritage, representing some of the most respected and re-known families in the Fine Wine Business that somehow had lost its way.

With the unwavering support of the historical suppliers and new additions, we began the building process. Our goal was: not to lose our heritage, stay true to our history, maintain our reputation for prestige and quality while repositioning Wildman in such a manner that it would become relevant in the changing Fine Wine Business. I am extremely fortunate to have had the ability to live this experience. My life has been enriched working closely with the principles at Gruppo Italiano Vini, the families at Champagne Pol-Roger, Chateau-Fuisse, Maison Olivier Leflaive, Hugel et Fils, Pascal Jolivet and Paul Jaboulet Aine along with all of the properties and families we represent Nationally and In our Wholesale Divisions.

By any measure one would say, that we at Wildman, have achieved a high degree of success.

Let me step back a moment to a previous career with “21 Brands Inc” where my Wine and Spirits career began as a sales representative in Oct 1970. It spanned a total of 19 years and I progressed from Sales rep to its President. This experience formed the basis and gave me the confidence to take on the challenge awaiting me at Frederick Wildman & Sons.

Doing some simple math I have spent 44 years of my life in the Wine and Spirits Industry. During the last several years I have come to the conclusion that I would like to move on. I have total confidence in this decision as I have accomplished all that I dreamed for in this Industry. Also, Frederick Wildman & Sons is in a “good place” with a great portfolio, strong and seasoned management, excellent distributor partners whom we regard as family and in an excellent position to address the challenges of the future.

Therefore, at our shareholder meeting this March 31st 2014 I tendered my resignation as President & CEO with an effective date of July 31st 2014.

During the last 44 years I have had the privilege to work with many wonderful individuals whom I am proud to call friends. As I enter a new phase in my life I sincerely hope we will find a way to stay in touch.

Kindest Regards,



Importers of fine wines and spirits since 1934 Frederick Wildman and Sons, Ltd., is committed to excellence. The familiar Wildman oval found on every bottle sold is recognized around the world as a symbol of quality assurance. The company has become “the biggest little wine company in America.”

Frederick Wildman and Sons, ltd., portfolio of brands includes: ITALY: Abbona, Ca’ Bianca, Ca’ Donini, Castello Monaci, Cavicchioli, Conti Formentini, Fattoria dei Barbi, Folonari, La Scolca, Lamberti, Le Chiuse, Le Ragose, Marchesi di Barolo, Melini, Nino Negri, Pellegrino, Tenuta Rapitala, Re Manfredi, Santi; FRANCE: Champagne Pol Roger, Chateau Fuisse/Vincent Selections, Chateau La Lagune, Chateau St. Sulpice, Armand Rousseau, Christian Moreau Pere et Fils, Domaine Faiveley, Jacques Prieur, Marc Roman, Olivier Leflaive, Hugel et Fils, Pascal Jolivet, Paul Jaboulet Aine, Hecht & Bannier, Stephane Aviron,; ARGENTINA: Astica, Luigi Bosca, Finca La Linda, Michel Torino, Cuma, ; SPAIN: El Coto de Rioja, Baron de Ley, Castro Martin, Museum, Maximo; GERMANY: Egon Muller/Chateau Bela, Wittmann; AUSTRIA: Grooner; Fritsch; NEW ZEALAND: Glazebrook; PORTUGAL: Churchill’s and Churchill Estate; SPIRITS: Chartreuse, Edinburgh Gin, Pig’s Nose, Sheep Dip, Vertical Vodka.