Saratoga Courage Distillery Joins DeCrescente Distributing’s Wine & Spirits Portfolio

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMechanicville, NY (PRWEB) June 20, 2014 — DeCrescente Distributing Company is proud to announce the addition of Saratoga Courage Distillery to their diverse wine and spirits portfolio.

Based in Greenfield Center, N.Y., Saratoga Courage Distillery was launched in January 2014 as the dream of founder Serge Shishik and his wife Holly. Their impressive first spirit, Pick Six Vodka, is cleverly named after the exotic horse wager and the fact that the vodka is distilled six times, a process that results in its superior taste quality. The vodka is made from natural spring water tapped in Greenfield Center, and the materials from label to bottle have been sourced from local suppliers.

“We are very excited about the addition of Saratoga Courage Distillery to our portfolio,” said Frank Crisafulli, Director of Wine and Spirits at DeCrescente Distributing Company. “Pick Six, with its horse racing label, hometown connections and high-end appeal will fit in perfectly this summer in Saratoga.” The brand’s iconic label was even created locally, having been designed by Rich Gabriel, a well-known thoroughbred and horseracing artist based in Saratoga.

The distillery building was also constructed using mainly local resources and was funded by a loan from the Greenfield Center Business Development Program (UDAG). All the manufacturing and packaging is done at the distillery located on Wilton Road in Greenfield Center using clever environmental-friendly practices and techniques.

“Everything from the blending, filtering, bottling, and labeling is done in-house,” said Saratoga Courage Owner Serge Shishik. “That’s part of the beauty of it. The product goes from my back door to your front door.”

This fall Saratoga Courage will launch a new line of moonshine called Devil’s Den, named after the Palmerton Mountains located in Greenfield Center. The moonshine will come in two flavors, Apple Pie and Strawberry Jam.

Join Saratoga Courage at their official launch party on Friday, June 20, at Tinney’s Tavern on Lake Desolation. For more information, visit their Facebook page at

About Saratoga Courage Distillery 

Saratoga Courage is a family built and owned distillery located at the base of the Palmerton Mountain Range in Greenfield Center, N.Y. Each and every one of our spirits is made by hand using the water source directly on our land. Special attention goes into every batch ensuring that you are getting the product that you deserve.

About DeCrescente Distributing Company 

DeCrescente Distributing Company services a distribution territory that includes 11 counties spanning 7,500 square miles in eastern New York. Employing more than 375 employees DDC successfully warehouses, sells, delivers and merchandises over 10 million cases of beverage products annually, including beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks, to over 3,000 customers. For more information on the 65 year-old, family-owned and operated company, visit