Stillhouse Distillery Enters Into National Sales Partnership with Blackheath Beverage Group

NEW YORK, March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — STILLHOUSE® announced on Tuesday that they have partnered with Blackheath Beverage Group, LLC to handle their sales and marketing efforts throughout the United States of America.

Effective immediately, Blackheath and STILLHOUSE will begin building brand distribution and visibility across the USA.

The moonshine category has proven to be a high-growth category over the last five years, and STILLHOUSE is positioned to be a leader of this growth by introducing four unique flavors to accompany its flagship product, STILLHOUSE OriginalMoonshine®. The natural infusions include; STILLHOUSE Red Hot bottled at 69 proof as well as Peach TeaApple Crisp andCoconut all of which are bottled at 40 proof, and will be available by the end of April.

STILLHOUSE Original Moonshine was launched in 2010 in limited markets. “We have a superior product with tremendous growth potential.  This partnership with Blackheath gives STILLHOUSE an advantage; through market coverage, relationships, and expertise that’s necessary for us to scale up quickly and efficiently,” says Brad Beckerman, Founder & CEO.

“Our team has been asking for a quality moonshine since our inception and I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with STILLHOUSE,” says Jay Harkins, CEO/Co-Founder of Blackheath Beverage Group.”STILLHOUSE is a great addition to Blackheath’s growing portfolio. It represents a great opportunity in this rapidly growing segment, as a brand of authenticity and integrity with dynamic and delicious flavors.”

STILLHOUSE is one of the pioneers of moonshine category and sees the relationship with Blackheath as a way to strengthen its position in the marketplace. Blackheath welcomes the opportunity to represent such a strong product across the United States.

STILLHOUSE® has elevated the classic American craft of making moonshine by using estate-grown corn and a proprietary recipe, then distilling it five times for superior quality and a remarkably smooth finish. STILLHOUSE Moonshine is made from 100% Corn Whiskey. It’s all-natural, handcrafted and copper pot distilled. Because it isn’t aged or stored in barrels, STILLHOUSE Moonshine has neither the brown color nor the heaviness of traditional whiskey. (It also happens to be gluten-free.) Because of its versatility, STILLHOUSE Moonshine cuts across traditional product categories, appealing to connoisseurs of whiskey, vodka, tequila and rum, among other spirits.

Blackheath Beverage Group, LLC is an outsourced sales and marketing platform that efficiently and effectively provides independent brands with the leverage that is otherwise only found within large suppliers. Between producer and distributor, distributor and retail, and between retail and consumer, small brands often fall through the cracks. Blackheath bridges the gaps in the “Three-Tier” liquor system by supplying the necessary resources while allowing brand owners to maintain a vast majority of their profits and control. Founded in 2012, Blackheath Beverage Group is rapidly redefining how independent brands go to market.