The Original Fernet Vittone 1842 Enters National Sales Partnership with Blackheath Beverage Group

Blackheath Beverage Fernet VittoneThe Oldest Producer of Fernet, Fernet Vittone, Selects Blackheath Beverage Group to Manage Their U.S. Sales and Marketing

NEW YORK, June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Blackheath Beverage Group, LLC announced this week that they have partnered with Un Sogno, LLC to handle the sales and marketing efforts in the US for the brands: Fernet Vittone, Amaro Del Sole, and Vittone Vermouth.

Un Sogno is the exclusive importer in North America of Polini Distillates and Beverages, one of the largest spirits producers in Italy. Founded in 1968, Polini has grown considerably over the last 46 years, thanks to substantial investments and the acquisition of well-known, historic brands such as Fernet Vittone.

Un Sogno’s flagship brand, The Original Fernet Vittone 1842(40%abv), is an Italian digestivo trademarked in 1842. It is made from a proprietary infusion of 40 herbs and spices and is the original and oldest Fernet in the world, predating all other brands within the category. Menta Fernet Vittone (40%abv), a mint-flavored version, is also available.

Amaro del Sole (30%abv) is a liqueur made with 20 herbs and spices. It is most commonly served neat or on the rocks as a digestivobut also lends itself to mixing.  Vittone Vermouth Blanco and Rosso (15%abv), two fortified wines classified as aperitivos, round out the group.

“The Amaro and Bitters category is on the rise in the US and our partnership with Un Sogno affords us the opportunity to bring even greater value to our wholesale and trade partners,” says Jay Harkins, CEO of Blackheath.  “Fernet Vittone, Amaro Del Sole, and Vittone Vermouth represent Italian heritage and authenticity in an exciting segment.”

Guido Lazzerini, CEO of Un Sogno, says, “We are thrilled to be working with the Blackheath team. Their commitment to brand building through education and account-level activation is perfect for our brands.”

Un Sogno LLC is the exclusive importer for North America of 2Nite Vodka, The Original Fernet Vittone 1842, Vermouth Vittone, Amaro del Sole and other brands produced by the Polini Group SRL, Paratico, Italy. Un Sogno’s administrative offices are located at 2401 Plum Grove Rd, Palatine, IL. 60067.

Blackheath Beverage Group, LLC is the industries leading sales and marketing platform, efficiently and effectively providing independent brands the bandwidth and leverage that is otherwise only found within large supplier networks. Blackheath successfully bridges the gaps in the “Three-Tier” liquor system by supplying superior resources while allowing brand owners to maintain a vast majority of their profits and control. Founded in 2012, Blackheath Beverage Group is rapidly redefining how independent brands go to market in the US.