Three Olives Vodka Unveils New Apple Flavor

Three Olives Jacked AppleOne of the U.S.’s Fastest Growing, Imported Vodka Brand’s Latest Offering Delivers Unique Blend Featuring the Crisp Taste of Delicious Red Apple and Cinnamon Spice

JERSEY CITY, NJ – June 23, 2014 –Three Olives®, a super-premium vodka brand imported from England, introduced today its newest flavor: Three Olives® Jacked AppleTM. The new vodka combines the flavors of ripe red apple and cinnamon spice.

Three Olives® Vodka is quadruple distilled from English winter wheat to deliver an exceptionally smooth, superior tasting vodka perfect for the ultimate martini or cocktail.

“Apple and cinnamon is an increasingly popular flavor combination in the U.S. today,” said a spokesperson for Proximo Spirits, the brand’s U.S. importer. “Three Olives® Vodka has always been a pioneer in innovative, interesting and unique flavors. We are excited to introduce Jacked Apple™, which captures and perfectly combines these two delicious flavors. No other brand has ever offered such an extraordinary flavor combination, until now.”

Three Olives® Jacked AppleTM will be introduced in June, with nationwide distribution available in 750 mL, 1L and 1.75L sizes and priced at $21 per 750mL. In addition to Jacked AppleTM, the Three Olives® Vodka portfolio currently includes a variety of more than 24 flavors. For more information, visit

Signature Cocktails:

“Jacked Ginger”

2 parts Three Olives® Jacked AppleTM Vodka
4 parts ginger ale

Mix all ingredients into a rocks glass filled with ice and stir.

Garnish drink with an apple slice.

“Garden of Eden”

2 parts Three Olives® Jacked AppleTM Vodka

4 parts cranberry juice

1 splash club soda

Mix the first two ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously

and strain into a martini glass. Top off drink with a splash of club soda.

About Three Olives®
Launched in 1998, Three Olives
® Vodka is the ultimate expression of an imported luxury brand. Inspired by the classic vodka martini served garnished with olives, Three Olives® is made from the finest wheat harvested in England and undergoes quadruple distillation and filtration to produce a smooth and elegant taste. Acquired by N.J.-based Proximo Spirits in 2007, Three Olives® offers a classic, unflavored vodka as well as over 24 distinctly flavored vodkas.  Visit for more information.

Three Olives® Vodka.  Apple Cinnamon Flavored Vodka.  35% Alc/Vol. (70 proof).  ©2014 Proximo, Jersey City, NJ.  Please drink Three Olives® Vodka responsibly.