Batch 206 Distillery to Release Old Log Cabin Bourbon

oldlog_cabin_bottleSEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 — Batch 206 Distillery, after a 2.5 year wait, is proud to announce the release of their flagship Washington Bourbon Whiskey, Old Log Cabin.

Sales to the general public begin at 11am on Saturday, September 26th at their Seattle Distillery. A limited, numbered amount of commemorative collector’s edition bottles will be available for purchase on the day of the release. Old Log Cabin Bourbon will begin shipping to retailers and bars the following Monday, September 28th.

While Batch 206 Distillery’s expression of Old Log Cabin Bourbon is approx. 19 to 26 months old, the history of this storied brand of whiskey goes as far back as the year 1840.

“The Old Log Cabin brand is kind of like the Zelig of the Whiskey world–it’s been popping up in the strangest places throughout American history,” says Batch 206 Distillery owner, Jeff Steichen, with a chuckle. The initial incarnation occurred in 1840, when an enterprising whiskey maker produced a whiskey he called “Old Cabin,” which he sold in a custom cabin shaped bottle. Old Cabin was first seen being passed out in large volumes at many a campaign whistle stop for a gentleman named William Henry Harrison, who later became the 9th President of the United States. Oh, yeah, that enterprising whiskey maker’s name, E.G. Booz.

The whiskey ended up being made by many distilleries over time and the brand name morphed into “Old Log Cabin.” To this day, the Cabin-shaped bottles and dozens of knock-offs command some of the highest prices in collectible Americana glass.

Unable to find a drop anywhere of this historically acclaimed whiskey, Batch 206 Distillery has single handedly resurrected this brand and honored this age-old whiskey with a totally new mash bill makeover. Old Log Cabin is made using 51% percent Washington corn and a whopping 49% Washington malted barley, with no rye or wheat anywhere in sight!

In addition to a rollout across Washington State, Old Log Cabin Bourbon Whiskey is also being launched in Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California and Texas.


Opened in March 2012, Batch 206 Distillery is an 8,000 square foot distillery located in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Out of 130+ distilleries in the state of Washington, Batch 206 Distillery is currently one of the top 5 distilleries in the state for both production and sales. Batch 206 Distillery is a true small batch artisan facility, hand crafting their products in small batches on a 1,000 liter, handmade Kothe still. Batch 206 products are currently available in 21 states, parts of Canada and in Asia in Singapore and Hong Kong.

For more information about Batch 206 Distillery, Old Log Cabin launch events and more, follow Batch 206 Distillery on Facebook, Twitter (@batch206) and Instagram (@batch206). Batch 206 Distillery is owned and operated by Jeff Steichen and his wife Daleen and is located at 1417 Elliott Ave West, Seattle, WA 98119.

Batch 206 Distillery’s Tasting Room is open Wed-Fri, 2-6pm and Sat-Sun 12-6pm.