Introducing Hard Frescos Mexican Inspired Natural Alcoholic Soda

840060833.all.bottles.hf.14Hard Frescos now available in Southern California Whole Foods

SANTA BARBARA,California—October 8, 2015Hard Frescos, a refreshing natural, premium alcoholic hard soda, is proud to announce distribution in Whole Foods Southern California region. Inspired by the fresh pressed juices that are part of Mexico’s street food culture, Hard Frescos is made from high-quality, natural ingredients and brewed using a traditional fermentation process.

Hard Frescos is available in four amazing flavors: CitricoÒ, Cola BuenaÒ, Juicy JamaicaÒ, and Tangy TamarindoÒ. With simple, recognizable ingredients and tart and sweet flavors, Hard Frescos boasts a balanced taste profile. The premium ingredients are responsibly sourced and artificial alternatives are avoided allowing the fresh, authentic flavors and ingredients to stand out. Hard Frescos is gluten-free and does not contain preservatives, sulfites, artificial colors or sweeteners.

Hard Frescos, offered in a four-pack and single serve 16oz cans, is now available in Whole Foods locations in Southern California. Northern California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Arizona distribution of Hard Frescos will roll out in 2016.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Hard Frescos to the Whole Foods customer,” said Hard Frescos founder, Peter Stearns, a chef and natural and organic food scientist. “We hope to be their number one selling premium craft beverage across the West and eventually National.”

Hard Frescos was designed in Mexico and is brewed in the U.S.A.

Brewed like craft beer. Refreshing any time of year.

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About Hard Frescos

Founded in 2014 by Peter Stearns, Hard Frescos was inspired by traditional Mexican and Latin American flavors and culture. Mr. Stearns spent more than two years developing the products in a pilot plant, performing a series of yeast fermentation trials and product blending tests. Mr. Stearns is a chef and food scientist who has worked with natural and organic companies such as Clif Bar, Annie’s, Balance Bar, and Tanka Bar.

Hard Frescos’ corporate social responsibility includes giving back to our community with grassroots programs and sponsorships in Latino neighborhoods where the Company has been embraced. The Hard Frescos team currently works with organizations such as Alta Med in the Los Angeles area. The Team plans to expand its network of local partnerships as the Company grows and distribution expands.

In addition, prominent on Hard Frescos packaging and associated with each flavor are animals: axolotl, quetzal, xolo, and melipona. These animals represent the Team’s passion for the environment and the outdoors. The Team is committed to environmental preservation and several on the founding team started a 501(c)(3) to preserve habitat and wildlife and support of underserved North American indigenous communities.