Ke Spirits Launches New Gin

31186jc-Ke-Btl-Gin-NoRef-300-66x300DALLAS, April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Ke Spirits, creators of a full line of smooth spirits based on a 500 year-old recipe, has announced the release of their newest offering. Ke Gin has been receiving rave reviews from consumers, retailers, and bartenders alike. One barkeep at an area nightclub claims “My customers really enjoy Ke Gin on the rocks with a squeeze of lime. It’s that smooth.”

Ke Spirits‘ CEO Joe Barry is happy to claim that “Ke Gin, retailing at $27.99 per 750 ml bottle, is going to change how people think of gin. We’ve eliminated that pine needle taste and replaced it with a rich, smooth, and refreshing experience.”

According to Henrik Facile, Ke Spirits’ Gin Master, “The key to an amazing gin is balancing the dry and sweet botanicals, and it’s a very long process. The most important ingredient is the juniper berries, and ours are the very best in the world. The juniper in Ke Gin is soft, fresh, and herby; never harsh. We also use cardamom along with coriander leaves to give our Gin exciting, fresh notes. Balance that with the citrus character of Sicilian lemons and bitter oranges, and you have Ke Spirits Gin – a sophisticated, smooth, and enchanting spirit.”

Many people who would never drink Gin are loving Ke Gin. Delightful straight or on the rocks because of its sensational and smooth flavor profile, Ke Gin also plays well with tonic, lime, and others. Until you’ve experienced it you have no idea how truly delightful and entertaining a gin can be.

Ke is a pure, natural spirit made from a 500-year-old secret Barry family recipe. When fused with gin or any other spirit, Ke unlocks deep rich character and remarkable smoothness.

Ke Spirits is a North Texas based company that creates uniquely smooth spirits, selling its Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey and Gin in Goody Goody stores, Total Wine stores, and at an ever-expanding list of Texas clubs, restaurants and bars.

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