Twenty Grand Vodka Launches New Peach Flavor

TG-Peach-750ml-withShadowReflection-Open-MediumResBowling Green, KY – Twenty Grand Vodka has released a new flavor – Peach!  Bottled at 80 proof, Twenty Grand Peach is an infusion of exquisite French vodka, superior VS cognac and delectable, natural peach flavors.  Twenty Grand Peach is priced at $29.99 a 750-ml and will be available nationwide by October 2015.  Additionally, Twenty Grand Vodka has released a new bottle design for the entire brand collection.

“Twenty Grand has been a remarkable success since the brand launched in 2013.” said Jon Holecz, VP of Marketing at Western Spirits Beverage Company.  “We are very excited for the new peach flavor and new packaging design to hit the shelves nationwide!”

Impact Magazine has named Twenty Grand Vodka a 2014 Hot Prospect Brand for its massive growth in the spirits industry.  In 2013 and 2014, The Beverage Information Group also awarded the coveted “Rising Star” Growth Brand Award to Twenty Grand Vodka.

Twenty Grand is crafted from the finest spirits produced in the Grande Champagne Region of France.  Creating unique expressions with classic tastes, Twenty Grand’s masterful blends are a truly rare and extravagant experience. To learn more about Twenty Grand, please visit: