Zodiac Vodka Expands Distribution to California

Zodiac_bottle_final_copy1Dallas, Texas (April 15, 2015) – Zodiac Vodka, a premium gluten-free potato vodka by Zodiac Spirits, LLC, is now available throughout California. Offered in 750 ml, Zodiac Vodka’s Original and Black Cherry flavors are offered exclusively via Young’s Market Company in California with an MSRP of $24.99.

“We’re excited for the first phase of our national rollout to be underway,” stated Dan Liguori, CEO of Zodiac Spirits, LLC. “We’ve worked really hard to create a world-class product and will now be able to meet the demands of our California consumers.”

Zodiac Vodka’s debut in California is part of the first phase of a national distribution rollout outside of Texas, which also includes Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina. A second phase distribution includes Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Washington D.C., and more throughout the end of 2015.

Zodiac’s process is unlike many other mass produced spirit brands on the market today; it is a true farm-to-bottle craft vodka, produced entirely in their Idaho-based distillery. Made with certified Idaho russet potatoes, the team uses locally sourced water from the Snake River Aquifer that runs beneath the distillery, and is filtered using hand-cut Canadian Birch Charcoal.  Zodiac Vodka uses a patented single-source, four-column distillation process avoiding any need to redistill. The result is a naturally sweet, pure, distinct tasting and gluten-free vodka.

Zodiac Spirits, LLC is currently working on innovations in multiple categories outside of vodka including gin and rum. More details to be announced later this year.

About Zodiac Spirits, LLC

Founded by Tom Benson, Zodiac Vodka is produced and bottled exclusively in its Rigby, Idaho based distillery. Available in Original and Black Cherry, Zodiac is distributed through Glazer’s in Texas and Young’s Market Company in California. Original is 40 percent alcohol by volume and Black Cherry is 35 percent alcohol by volume. Recent accolades include 92 points by Tasting Panel in 2014, Gold Medal in the 2014 Artisan Awards, Double Gold in The Fifty Best competition, Triple Gold in the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards and more.

The brand ethos is Off The Beaten Path™ inspired by a partnership with Grammy Award-winning country artist Kacey Musgraves, who serves as one of the Zodiac’s partners and creative brand ambassadors.

For more information, visit www.zodiacvodka.com and follow the brand on  Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.