3 Badge Mixology Debuts Bib & Tucker Barrel Program

5seheirw_400x400Sonoma, Calif. (Dec. 6, 2016) – 3 Badge Mixology has unveiled an exclusive new program for trade accounts that allows retailers to select their own barrel of rare, cask-strength Bib & Tucker Bourbon for bottling. Bib & Tucker is a small-batch bourbon whiskey sold nationally by 3 Badge Mixology, a division of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation.

“The Bib & Tucker barrel program gives retail accounts the opportunity to offer customers something truly unique and tailored to their establishment,” said August Sebastiani, president of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. “Each barrel is a little different, with exciting nuances and complexities that connoisseurs of fine bourbon will appreciate. You can select a barrel that best fits your profile – or that of your consumers.”

With the new barrel program, trade buyers will have the opportunity to taste samples of cask-strength Bib & Tucker Bourbon, either 7-year aged or 10-year aged, from a variety of different barrels before selecting one for bottling. Once a barrel is selected, 3 Badge Mixology will hand-label each bottle. Distinctive packaging will identify the bottle number, proof, alcohol, barrel number and years aged. Each barrel will contain about 30 6-pack cases of bourbon. After bottling, 3 Badge Mixology will also ship the empty barrel to the customer for display purposes.

Bib & Tucker was named for a term used in America’s rough and tumble early days to describe a person’s finest attire for a wedding or a special dance. It signifies putting forth one’s finest. Bib & Tucker is double distilled using a column still followed by an old-fashioned pot still. The mash is chill filtered in the style of Tennessee bourbon and aged in number 1 charred American white oak barrels for at least 6 years. The distinctive barrel aging process is what distinguishes Bib & Tucker. Bib & Tucker is available from 3 Badge Mixology, the spirits division of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. Learn more at 3badge.com.