BeatBox Beverages Expands Distribution to 161 HEB Locations

9CVHr_gaAUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) JUNE 08, 2016 — BeatBox first launched with HEB in 2014 before the company’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. Following the brand’s appearance on the show and a huge $1M investment from billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, sales took off in the Texas chain. BeatBox appeared on national TV again in March 2016 with a followup on ABC’s “Beyond the Tank” series. The episode closely followed the management team as they tested and launched their new Fruit Punch flavor. HEB jumped on the opportunity, and is rolling the new flavor into 161 locations throughout Texas. “HEB has been a fantastic partner since we started working with them in Summer 2014. We’ve had so many requests for BeatBox across the state and we’re excited to go even bigger with our new flavor!” said Justin Fenchel, BeatBox Beverages’ CEO.

BeatBox made a huge impact on consumers and retailers alike by selling out large 100 case displays around big festivals and events. The product is a fully ready-to-drink mixed drink that packs 34 servings, nearly 7 bottles of wine, in one glass-free package.

On the “Beyond the Tank” episode, Mark Cuban said, “BeatBox is a grand slam. The product literally sells itself. This company’s future is so bright, they need to wear speakers!”

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About BeatBox Beverages: BeatBox Beverages was founded in Austin, TX by passionate music fans, BeatBox Beverages is rooted in the belief that Boxed Wine doesn’t have to be boring. Growing tired of traditional boxed wines, the founders saw an opportunity to create a more fun and better tasting, 5 liter bag-in-box beverage. In fun flavors like Blue Razzberry and Fruit Punch, BeatBox appeals to Millennials with flavor and branding that strongly resonates with the Millennial consumer. Since 2013, BeatBox has been more than just a drink – it’s been an experience that brings people together around music and good times.