The Bitter Truth Pink Gin Supports Breast Cancer Research For Second Year

the-bitter-truth-pink-ginNEW YORK, NY (September 15, 2016) The Bitter Truth—makers of premium cocktail bitters, spirits and liqueurs—announces its second annual fundraising campaign to benefit breast cancer research. For the entire month of October, the incomparable bitters brand will contribute $2 to the cause for every bottle of its Pink Gin sold on- and off-premise. In addition to the per bottle contribution, several on-premise accounts are joining the efforts by agreeing to make a donation for every Pink Gin cocktail they sell throughout the month. Branded merchandise, cocktail promotions and trade marketing will help to broaden awareness of the program.

“All throughout October you see brands in many industries creating pink products to benefit breast cancer research,” remarked Alexander Hauck, co-founder, The Bitter Truth. “We already make a pink product, so for us, it felt natural that we should contribute to such a worthy mission.”

Inspired by the historic drink used to quell seasickness among sailors in the Royal Navy, Pink Gin is a blend of premium gin and bitters. During voyages at sea, sailors were provided with a daily ration of gin, to which bitters (a medicinal elixir used to “cure” common ailments such as nausea) were added to make the taste more palatable. Today, The Bitter Truth Pink Gin is made with a proprietary mix of natural herbs and spices such as licorice, caraway and fennel—it’s a flavorful and aromatic gin best enjoyed straight, in a Gin & Tonic, or in a Martini.

“We witnessed such a great amount of enthusiasm for our fundraiser last year, that we felt inspired to make it an annual promotion,” commented Stephan Berg, co-founder, The Bitter Truth. “Our sales teams were incredible—stirring up support for the program all over the U.S.—and some of our distribution partners even matched our donations to the cause.”

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin is imported by Vision Wine & Spirits in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. It’s available in 50mL and 750mL for an SRP of $34.99 (40% ABV, 80 Proof). For more information, visit