Black Button Distilling Releases Limited Edition Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin

ROCHESTER, NY (OCTOBER 13, 2016) Black Button Distilling, Rochester, NY’s first and finest grain to glass craft distillery, announces the release of their Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin on October 15.

This half gin, half whiskey spirit is the latest innovation available from Black Button Distilling, and is a limited release. With great oak and pine notes on the nose, it finishes with the warmth of a whiskey but the middle is bright with fruit and herbs, like Black Button Distilling’s Citrus Forward Gin.


“Craft distilling is all about innovation and trying something new,” said Jason Barrett, President/Head Distiller.

“First we lowered the juniper and added a lot more orange peel to craft our citrus forward gin. Then we took that gin, threw it in some used bourbon barrels and let it rest for a year on oak. Now we have this delightful limited release spirit that is the best of both worlds,” he said.

About Black Button Distilling:

Black Button Distilling is the first grain-to-glass craft distillery in Rochester, NY since prohibition. Founded in 2012 and housed in a 5,000-square-foot space near Rochester’s historic Public Market, Black Button Distilling specializes in farm to still products, using unique and all-natural ingredients from local farms to craft 1,450 bottles of award-winning spirits each week, distributed in 12 states.