Donner-Peltier Distillers to Double Production Capacity, Acquires 750-Gallon Still

THIBODAUX, LOUISIANA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 16, 2016 — It’s a good problem to have when customers are clamoring for your products faster than you can produce them. That demand has prompted Donner-Peltier Distillers (DPD) to purchase a third still for this company – this one a much larger 750-gallon still.


The impact of the machinery is very significant – the new still will double DPD’s current total distillery production abilities when combined with their two existing ones (affectionately named “Betty” and “Veronica”.) Additionally, it also gives them the capability to begin developing new products.

“After a few years of rapid growth, we found ourselves unable to keep up with demand for our products, especially our newest product, LA1 Whiskey, which has been a hugely successful spirit,” said Tom Donner, co-owner and co-founder of DPD. “In order to continue growing with new products, we decided to purchase a third still which will be dedicated to full-time whiskey production.”

Donner explains DPD’s rapid rise to success. “Don’t take shortcuts; use Louisiana agricultural products; and listen to the customers,” he said. “The result has been a solid portfolio of Gold Medal winners, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to have a customer tell us how much they appreciate what we do.”

The company’s growth has resulted in the hiring of a third full-time distiller, and DPD plans to hire additional warehouse and bottling employees later in the year.

Founded in Thibodaux, Louisiana in 2012, Donner-Peltier Distillers,, creates distinctive spirits using authentic Louisiana ingredients. Its diverse product line is currently made up of Oryza Gin, Oryza Vodka, Rougaroux Sugarshine Rum, Rougaroux Full Moon Rum, Rougaroux 13 Pennies Praline Rum and its newest product, LA1 Whiskey.