Hennessy Cognac And Virtuoso Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Join Forces For 2016 Limited Edition Bottle Of V.S.

Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Bottle Designed By Celebrity Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell (PRNewsFoto/Hennessy)

NEW YORK, July 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/Hennessy Very Special (V.S), the world’s #1 Cognac, announces the latest edition of its Very Special Limited Edition series with a new bottle design created by American tattoo artist Scott Campbell. In continuing a legacy of artistic collaboration that spans centuries, the new bottle serves as an embodiment of Hennessy’s dedication to the art of blending by overlapping two very different, very old traditions: tattoo artistry & Cognac making. The Limited Edition release is the sixth in an ongoing series between Hennessy V.S and internationally renowned artists, including Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemêos, Futura, and KAWS.

Celebrated as one of the brightest new faces on the art scene, Scott Campbell owns the legendary Saved Tattooparlor in Brooklyn, NY, where he boasts a client list spanning New York’s art, design and fashion elite. Embodying Hennessy V.S’ long-standing brand mantra, Never stop. Never settle., Scott has the distinctive style of a pioneer & innovator – a true trailblazer that has continued to push the boundaries of his craft in mediums other than skin.

“Scott Campbell has a signature style that draws on past and present, combining ancient cursive script with a modern eye and execution, which is a perfect visual metaphor for how we at Hennessy honor our own craft,” comments Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President, Hennessy. “Scott’s talent, passion and commitment to his craft reflect the same principles that have driven Hennessy for over 250 years.”

Scott Campbell found inspiration for the 2016 Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle when traveling to Cognac,France, to get a feeling for the Maison’s history and creative process. In Cognac, he found an unexpected harmony between Hennessy and his own art. “Between the earth, the sun and the grapes, there’s an unpredictable subtlety that goes into crafting Cognac. The use of human touch to create Hennessy parallels my own art, creating a character and taking on a life of its own.”

When Campbell reinterpreted elements of Hennessy V.S’s visual branding, he began by perusing the personal journal, notes and drawings of James Hennessy, the Maison’s second-generation visionary and an inveterate traveler, to glean a sense of his person. “When you know who an artist is, you can understand his story. When you have a personality to react to, the experience becomes so much deeper. When you see an artifact of a person’s life, you connect with it more,” Scott Campbell observes, adding, “Given that the House is 250+ years old, you could say that Hennessy is the oldest personality I’ve ever tattooed!”

Scott Campbell describes his art for the V.S Limited Edition as a “conversation between two people, times and places. It’s two seemingly opposite worlds.” Inspired by James Hennessy’s penmanship, the artist infused the V.S label with his own sensibility, drawing a design based on a pair of wings, a universal symbol of freedom and travel that also invites the viewer to project personal understanding onto it. “As an artist, I think that the ultimate accomplishment is to make the viewer feel curious. If a work inspires the curiosity to consider it a little longer, to adopt it in a way, then I think it is a success,” he notes. Decorative elements feature an intricate, highly graphic silver and black motif incorporating Hennessy Very Special’s three stars, an iconic signature of the brand that also happens to correspond with Scott Campbell’s lucky number. On the back label, Scott Campbellemblazoned the quote “Love without Hesitation” because, he observes, “I deeply believe that once you can love without hesitation, you become invincible.”

In addition to the 750ml bottle (Priced approximately at $35), a limited number of deluxe sets in commemorative wooden boxes (Priced approximately at $150) are available. The Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Deluxe set features a numbered flask with a leather sleeve, a unique sketchbook with watermarked designs by Scott, and a keepsake booklet that provides a special inside look at the collaboration. Both will be available for purchase beginning in July at fine retailers nationwide.

Scott Campbell will embark on a global tour with Hennessy beginning in July, with three U.S. stops: Los Angeles,Chicago and New York City. For more information, visit Hennessy.com or follow Hennessy on Facebook (Facebook.com/Hennessy), Twitter and Instagram (@HennessyUS, #ArtoftheChase).

About Hennessy

In 2016, the Maison Hennessy celebrates over two and half centuries of an exceptional adventure that has linked two families, the Hennessys and the Fillioux, for seven generations and spanned five continents. It began in the French region of Cognac, the seat from which the Maison has constantly passed down the best the land has to give, from one generation to the next. In particular, such longevity is thanks to those people, past and present, who have ensured Hennessy’s success both locally and around the world. Hennessy’s success and longevity are also the result of the values the Maison has upheld since its creation: unique savoir-faire, a constant quest for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development. Today, these qualities are the hallmark of a House – a crown jewel in the LVMH Group – that crafts iconic and prestigious Cognacs.

Hennessy is imported and distributed in the U.S. by Moët Hennessy USA. Hennessy distills, ages and blends spanning a full range: Hennessy V.S, Hennessy Black, V.S.O.P Privilège, X.O, Paradis, Paradis Impérial andRichard Hennessy. For more information and where to purchase/ engrave, please visit Hennessy.com

About Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell, 39, is renowned as one of the most talented tattoo artists in the world. After abandoning an early career in biochemistry, the Louisiana-born artist moved to San Francisco, where he learned the craft of tattooing at Picture Machine, one of the oldest shops in California. He now owns and operates the legendary Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, whose client list includes New York’s art and design elite, fashion designers, and an extensive celebrity roster. In recent years, Campbell has also earned acclaim from fine art communities around the world for his work in mediums other than skin. Those works include intricately carved sculptures made out of US currency, a series of watercolor paintings, and graphite drawings done on the insides of eggshells. Campbell’s artwork currently features in some of the finest art collections worldwide.