Nightshade Tequila Launches With Five Varieties

NightshadeOTIS ORCHIDS, WA, OCT. 2016 – According to 2016 Nielsen studies, the margarita has been declared the most popular cocktail in the United States. Taking that knowledge, as well as their own personal love for the libation, entrepreneurs Duke & Ginny Mahl set out on a mission to develop a ‘mixologist-quality’ margarita that could be enjoyed at home or on the go. The result is Nightshade Partners, Inc. – producing premium craft margaritas, gluten free, ready to dink, over ice, directly from the bottle.

Capitalizing on one of the fastest growing segments of the spirits industry, ‘ready-to-drink’ beverages, Nightshade Partners pride themselves on delivering a final product with a refined taste profile absent of artificial sweeteners or processing. By using premium ingredients, combined with a proprietary blend of true Blue Agave, Nightshade Premium Craft Margaritas have an ideal level of sweetness balanced out by complimenting natural fruit juices.

Sprit industry research also shows that consumers are returning to the philosophy that entertaining in their own ideal environment with friends and family can be even more rewarding than visiting their neighborhood bar.

“Imagine your favorite place with the people you enjoy being around the most, sipping quality cocktails you’re proud to serve. Whether entertaining at home, at a friends place, or while on vacation, we’ve found that relaxing and doing things at our own pace made for the best experiences. The only missing element were the hand-crafted cocktails,” said Nightshade Partners Co-Founder Duke Mahl. “Better beverages make everything better — and better experiences turn dreams into reality.”

Currently available in five varieties, Mahl is confident there is a Nightshade Premium Craft Margarita to suit anyone’s taste. For those looking to experience it all, or to give the gift of dreams in a bottle, Nightshade has introduced the ‘Margarita of the Month Club.’ Good for a total of EIGHT bottles, including all shipping costs, purchasers receive a downloadable gift card which can then be given in person, or emailed to the recipient for $197. For the following four months, Club Members receive both a bottle of the Classic Lime Margarita as well as a new variety each delivery — making it an ideal gift to warm up the winter nights until June rolls around.

Five Introductory varieties of Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas available, including:

Classic Lime

Although Nightshade offers several more adventurous flavors, the company realizes many consumers retain the desire for an authentic, no-nonsense traditional margarita with a refreshing blend of limes, tequila and triple sec orange liqueur that can be poured over rocks and enjoyed. Unlike off-the shelf margarita ‘mixes,’ the Nightshade Classic Lime bottles authentic juices, natural cane sugar and custom-blended Blue Agave Silver premium tequila for a hassle free ‘simple yet complex’ cocktail. At only 187 calories for standard pour, Nightshade Classic Lime can be enjoyed guilt free.


Leading to what became the namesake of the company, the Huckleberry from Great Northwest is a member of the “nightshade” family of plants. Hucklarita’s natural ingredients include the custom-blended Blue Agave Silver Tequila, two varietals of huckleberry as the foundation, a pinch of blueberry and a touch of marionberry resulting in the complex flavor profile. Natural colors from vegetable juice give it the rich violet color, while Triple Sec, lime and natural cane sugar round out the 183-calorie captivating cocktail.

Ruby Redarita

The Ruby Red grapefruit was the creation of Texan farmers in the 1920’s who felt that the whiter grapefruit was far less superior to the more pink or red varietal. The grapefruit itself is a hybrid originating in Barbados as a result of an accidental cross between the sweet orange and the pomelo – and was given the name ‘forbidden fruit.’ Rich in antioxidants, the grapefruit is known for it’s semi-sweet flavor. When combined with Nightshade’s premium tequila, sugar cane and Triple Sec, it should be anything but forbidden. The Ruby Redarita is the ultimate thirst quenching margarita perfectly enjoyed during the day, on the rocks, at 180 calories per serving.


As the Hucklarita delivers the flavors of the Northwest, Nightshade set out to bring new tastes from other corners of the world. Known for growing in tropics around the globe, the Papaya is native to Southern and Central America. The Papaya has a taste similar to that of a mango, but with a more mellow profile that is much less tangy. Three varietals of fresh papaya are mixed with the custom-blended Blue Agave Silver Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime and natural cane sugar along for one of the freshest and most tropical transcending margaritas available. 188 calories for an 8 oz. cocktail on ice.


Chocolate has been one of the most adored and admired flavors for thousands of years. Nightshade Partners stay true to centuries-old traditions behind Aztec chocolate and combined them with tequila and triple sec to deliver a truly indulgent, yet light and distinctive margarita.

Blue Agave Silver Tequila combined with three types of chocolate, two cinnamon varietals and a touch of Serrano pepper is used to achieve the ultimate Aztec chocolate experience in a bottle. Triple Sec, lime and natural cane sugar all combine to achieve a fascinating twist on the margarita experience. Compared to chocolate cocktails at some chain restaurants that can literally top 1,000 calories, the Nightshade Choclarita comes in at an all-night delight of 195 calories for an 8 oz. cocktail.

No matter which flavor best suits the margarita aficionado, Nightshade Partners promise to provide a super-premium craft quality experience directly from the bottle. All the goodness of mixology, enjoyed any place, any time.

Nightshade Tequila / 15% ABV/ MSRP $19.99

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