Preiss Imports Adds Turin-Vermouth to Its Portfolio

turin-vermouthRAMONA, CA, OCTOBER 11, 2016Preiss Imports, a third-generation company specializing in the importing and marketing of international spirits, wines and culinary niche brands, has added the award-winning Turin-Vermouth collection to its esteemed portfolio.

Produced in Turin, Italy – the birthplace of Vermouth which dates back to 1786 – Turin Vermouth makes bitters and vermouth of superior quality stemming from superior fruit and botanicals, a dedication to tradition, interest in innovation and tremendous heart. The name “Turin Vermouth” is synonymous with the Piedmontese tradition of liqueur, the Italian region known for its long-standing distilling practices. Today, Turin Vermouth is the only company still producing traditional vermouth in the city of Turin.

These liqueurs can be consumed both on their own or mixed into cocktails. Preiss Imports currently carries the following from the Turin-Vermouth portfolio:

  • Drapò Bianco, a sweet vermouth, fresh, soft and delicate, but strong in character, rich and complex on the palate. Lovely served neat, on the rocks or in the best cocktails. 16% alc/vol
  • Drapò Rosso, a fine, elegant vermouth that’s gently fruity and floral, with soothing aromas that exalt the ancient Piedmont tradition. A rich and intense vermouth that satisfies the most demanding palates with a perfect collective of aroma, freshness and elegance. Serve neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. The vermouth of choice for fine barmen proud to serve fresh aperitifs. 16% alc/vol
  • Drapò Dry, a dry vermouth of exceptional quality and refined organoleptic qualities achieved through the harmony of fine fortified wine and a select blend of herbs and spices. This intensely complex vermouth lingers on the palate with fresh and fruity tones. Pleasing and elegant with notes of Iris Florentina and bitter orange. An excellent base for creative cocktails. 16% alc/vol
  • Drapò Gran Riserva, produced in limited quantities, this unique expression of red vermouth exhibits the superior selection of fine botanicals and herbs. Drapò Gran Riserva rests in a single French Oak barrel for at least 8 months, which elevates the body and structure as it develops strength in the old wood. A distinguished aperitif served on the rocks, as well as a refined ingredient in cocktails. 18% alc/vol

The following Turin-Vermouth products play homage to Turin as the jazz capital of Italy:

  • Bitters, Tuvè Bitter is skillfully infused with a balance of roots, aromatic herbs and citrus fruit. Round, harmonious and lightly bitter on the palate with a surprising splash of fruitiness. Wonderful, unique, versatile and superior in quality. Serve straight or with ice, mix with seltzer or beer. 25% alc/vol
  • Fernet Amaro, Tuvè Fernet is a strong and bitter digestive refined by the prolonged infusion of herbs and spices in the Piedmont tradition. Aromatic and utterly intense, this Bitter makes for an inspired aperitif. Serve neat at room temperature or with ice. Mix with ginger-ale or soda. Enjoy after meals with espresso. Wonderful addition to cocktails. 39% alc/vol
  • Amaro Black Note, Black Note is the flagship bitter of Turin-Vermouth. A high-quality product made exclusively from infusions and extracts of plants, herbs, flowers, roots and fruits using an exclusive extraction process. Black Note is silky and sweet, with fresh citrus and rhubarb notes. Intense, harmonious, complex and unforgettable. 21% alc/vol

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