Ranger Creek Announces Collector’s Item Bourbon


SAN ANTONIO, TX, September 28, 2016 – As part of National Bourbon Heritage Month, Ranger Creek is announcing the November release of a special collector’s item bourbon called .36 Texas Bourbon. Only 1,000 bottles of this collector’s item release will be available.

.36 Texas Bourbon is Ranger Creek’s everyday straight bourbon and will be a year-round release starting in April of 2017. It was aged for a minimum of two years with a suggested retail price between $55-60. This collector’s item release in November will be a small run of the first 1,000 bottles. Unlike the year-round release, each bottle will be hand numbered to identify them as the first batch of this whiskey ever made.

This bourbon follows Ranger Creek’s Small Caliber Series and Single Barrel as the third release of their fascinating barrel aging experiment. Though each .36 bourbon uses the same recipe, the individualized barrel aging techniques makes each one distinct. .36 Small Caliber Series is a small batch bourbon aged in innovative small barrels and packaged in small 375 ml bottles. .36 Single Barrel is aged in one hand selected, large barrel and is packaged in traditional 750 ml bottles. This .36 Texas Bourbon is a small batch bourbon aged in traditional large barrels and packaged in 750 ml bottles. The different releases allow enthusiasts to try the .36 bourbons alongside each other to taste subtle differences and similarities.

This collector’s item release of .36 Texas Bourbon will be sold through Ranger Creek’s gift shop in addition to select retailers in Texas. Follow Ranger Creek on Facebook for release details.

About Ranger Creek

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is a combined brewery/distillery handcrafting beer and bourbon in San Antonio, TX one batch at a time. They are the only microbrewery in San Antonio, one of a few combined brewery/distilleries in the U.S., and one of the only combined operations making both beer and bourbon. They focus on interesting recipes and use local ingredients from the state of Texas as much as possible. The company uses much of the same equipment to make both beer and bourbon, which is possible because in order to make bourbon, beer must be made first. They encourage visitors to San Antonio to sign up for one of their regularly scheduled tours and come by for a visit.

For more information and interviews, contact Mark McDavid at 832-969-3800 or mark@drinkrangercreek.com.