Republic Tequila Releases Limited Edition Extra Añejo

Republic Tequila Rises From the Ashes, Releases Limited Edition Extra AñejoAustin, Texas – March 2, 2016 – Republic Tequila is releasing a Limited Edition Extra Añejo Tequila on Texas Independence Day. Aged for over three years in eight carefully selected charred oak bourbon barrels, Republic Tequila Extra Añejo will be the fourth product in the Republic Tequila family, and the crown jewel of the brand. Its release signifies a comeback for the brand, which is on the upswing after hitting a low point in 2014.

In 2013 Republic Tequila was not performing as well as its investors had hoped, so they brought in a broker to take the reins from founder Tom Nall. The celebrated brand, sold in Texas shaped bottles, was a culmination of Tom’s experience building iconic brands along with his dedication to honoring Texas culture and tradition. The board’s broker came in, fired the staff with little notice, and took the brand in a different direction. But it was the wrong direction, and Tom watched as the brand was mismanaged and sales plummeted.

Inspired by the fierce determination and perseverance of those who fought for Texas’ independence, Tom resolved not to sit idly by and watch as his company was driven into ruin. He got back on the horse, and fought for his brand. In 2015, with Tom leading the charge, Republic Tequila voted in favor of annexation to Empresario LLC, Texas’ First Spirits House. With the support of the new Empresario partners, things turned around.

Now, less than a year later, on Texas Independence Day, Republic Tequila is releasing the crown jewel of its portfolio- a Limited Edition Extra Añejo Tequila. Aged for 3 years in 8 carefully selected charred oak bourbon barrels, Republic Extra Añejo represents the spirit of Texas more than any other Republic Tequila expression, not because of its Texas shaped bottle, nor because of the care and passion with which it was crafted, but because three years ago, in his darkest hour, Tom Nall ordered eight barrels to be set aside for a new product, confident that the Republic would rise again.