Stoli Vodka Announces Stoli Gluten Free

Stoli Gluten FreeStoli Vodka Continues its 80-year Tradition of Pioneering Heritage and Category Innovation as the

First Global Vodka Brand to Create a Completely New Recipe and Product for Gluten-Free Consumers

NEW YORK, March 16, 2016 – Stoli® Vodka is once again pushing the boundaries of the vodka category to new heights with the release of Stoli® Gluten Free, the brand announced today. The launch of Stoli Gluten Free continues Stoli’s commitment to innovation and pioneering heritage through its storied 80-year history by marking the first time a global vodka brand is creating a completely new gluten-free recipe to meet the needs of gluten-free consumers. Made with 88 percent corn and 12 percent buckwheat, Stoli Gluten Free will launch in the U.S. with availability at Stoli accounts nationwide starting in April 2016.

“Innovating within the Vodka category has remained an integral part of Stoli’s DNA for 80 years and counting,” said Patrick Piana, President and CEO, Stoli Group USA. “As with all of our innovations, we conduct consumer research and discuss with our trade partners to identify unmet consumer needs in the marketplace. Stoli Gluten Free will resonate with younger legal drinking age consumers who have an active lifestyle and greater focus on the products they consume.”

Added Piana, “Our distributors have given very positive feedback to-date. We believe that Stoli Gluten Free is an incredible opportunity for Stoli and that it will help us continue to grow our market share.”

Stoli Gluten Free purposely includes “Gluten Free” on the front label to clearly communicate to consumers that Stoli Gluten Free is a gluten-free product. The U.S. TTB classified Stoli Gluten Free for gluten-free labeling because it meets its standard of being made with naturally gluten-free ingredients, the only way a product can be classified as truly gluten free.

The Stoli Gluten Free packaging will maintain Stoli’s iconic bottle, with a premium label that features a unique batch number and signature of Ronalds Zarinovs, production director of Latvijas Balzams, whom oversees the production of all Stoli Vodka products.

Stoli controls the entire production process of Stoli Gluten Free and its entire range of Premium Vodkas. Stoli Gluten Free is made with naturally gluten-free corn and buckwheat harvested from the fertile fields in the Tambov region of Russia. The ingredients are then distilled three times at Stoli’s state of the art Talvis distillery and filtered four times, through quartz sand and birchwood charcoal, before being blended with pure, natural spring water from the Latvijas Balzams’ artesian well in Riga, Latvia.

“In developing Stoli Gluten Free, we wanted to create a product that not only delivered on a consumer need, but also achieved Stoli’s incredibly high standards of quality and taste,” said Michael Oringer, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Trade Marketing, Stoli Group USA. “We experimented with a variety of gluten-free ingredients before finalizing on a unique mash of corn and buckwheat. The result is delicious, old-world style tasting vodka that meets the needs of our consumers who live a gluten-free lifestyle.”

With a smooth taste and clean finish, Stoli Gluten Free is the latest addition to Stoli’s portfolio of old-world style vodkas, including flagship Stoli Premium, Stoli Flavors and elit™ by Stoli®. Stoli Gluten Free will be available in 50 ml, 750 ml and 1L packages with a suggested retail price of $19.99 per 750ml bottle.

The roll out of Stoli Gluten Free will be supported with an aggressive marketing campaign beginning in May 2016 that will include sampling, traditional and digital advertising, social media and public relations support.

About Stoli Group USA, LLC

Stoli Group USA, LLC is the North American subsidiary of SPI Group, recognized globally for pioneering heritage and the outstanding Stolichnaya® brand of premium Vodkas. New York-based Stoli Group USA reflects significant growth investment in the U.S. market by parent company SPI Group and will drive the brand forward through new marketing, sales and brand innovation. Internationally distributed Stolichnaya Vodkas are bottled in Latvia and are known for award-winning flavor and impeccable clarity. Considered a trailblazer in the Vodka industry, Stolichnaya Vodka defines the benchmark for quality with meticulously crafted liquid that meets the highest Alpha Spirit standard. The Stolichnaya brand portfolio includes Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka, ultra-premium elit™ by Stolichnaya®, Stolichnaya®100 Proof Premium Vodka, the super-premium Stolichnaya® Gold and Stolichnaya® Flavoured Premium Vodkas including Ohranj®, Razberi®, Bluberi® Vanil®, Citros™, Peachik® and Hot™.

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