T. Edward Wines & Spirits Launching Borsci San Marzano Liqueur in N.Y. and N.J.

BorsciBottleHistoric Apulian Liqueur back on East Coast shelves after hiatus

NEW YORK, NY, March 28, 2016T. Edward Wines & Spirits is expanding its offering of unique craft spirits into the Italian arena with the relaunch of Borsci San Marzano Liqueur, effective April 1st.

Borsci San Marzano (38% abv) is a slightly bitter dark liqueur that has been a mainstay in traditional Italian stores and kitchens for over 175 years. Giuseppe Borsci first began to bottle and sell the liqueur in 1840 in the small Apulian town of San Marzano. The closely guarded family recipe traces its history to monastic herbal infusions historically used as treatments or elixers.

Renowned for its versatility, Borsci San Marzano Liqueur may be served neat as a digestif or in a long drink for an aperitif. In the kitchen it may be poured over gelato or coffee, used to macerate fruit, or mixed into cakes.

Borsci San Marzano Liqueur is available in 750 ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $28.00.

The Borsci family owned and operated the distillery in Taranto, Apulia until 2012 when the company filed for bankruptcy. In November 2013, the Italian CAFFO Group took over management of the operation and steadily reestablished production and exposure of this historic liqueur. Commitment to quality and tradition are maintained by the production manager Edigio Borsci, the fourth generation to produce this family spirit.

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