Ubons Bloody Mary Mix Gains Stop & Shop Distribution


Yazoo City, Mississippi: Ubons PitMaster’s Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix is now available at all STOP & SHOP stores. Created by Iconic PitMaster Garry Roark and his daughter, Chopped Champion, Leslie Roark Scott, Ubons Barbeque has been a Family tradition throughout the Deep-South for more than 30 years and now they have brought their World Championship flair to over 400 Stop & Shop stores.

Cook With It: Ubons Bloody Mary Mix is great in the Kitchen. Bloody Mary Wings: sauté equal parts buffalo wing sauce and Ubons Bloody Mary Mix with butter and then toss the wings in the sauce.

Comeback Sauce: combine equal parts mayo and Ubons Bloody Mary Mix until smooth. Awesome sandwich spread, dipping sauce, salad dressing, great drizzled on grilled fish and chicken.

Marinades: Ubons Bloody Mary Mix makes a great marinade on chicken, beef, shrimp, and pork. It’s also great drizzled over fish and shrimp while it’s being grilled/seared.

Cocktail Sauce: combine Ubons Bloody Mary Mix and horseradish (to taste) and have the best cocktail sauce you’ve ever tasted.

Ingredient: Ubons Bloody Mary Mix is an excellent ingredient addition to soups & stews; short rib braising liquid; salsa; chili; pasta sauce; jambalaya/rice

Ubons Bloody Mary Mix is thicker than any other mix, contains the traditional flavors of tomato and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, delicious bits of onion, garlic and celery seeds, the foundations of pickle juice (vinegar, pepper, garlic & dill) and rounded out with a hint of our World Championship Ubons BBQ Sauce and citrus (Lemon Juice). Ubons H&S Bloody Mary Mix has a nice well-rounded heat that will not burn you out. Ubons Bloody Mary Mix is always 100% All Natural, Gluten Free, No MSG, No Chemicals, No Colorings.

CONTACT: David Rosen (917) 751-2194 david@ubons.net