Bloomery Introduces America’s First All-Natural Green Liqueur

CHARLES TOWN, WV (March 1, 2017) — Bloomery Plantation Distillery, known for SweetShine®, its line of moonshine-based cocktail liqueurs, is releasing the first flavor in its new line of premium liqueurs that are designed specifically for mixologists who are looking for the ultimate enhancer for their drinks. This new, botanical flavor, different in proof and profile from the Distillery’s SweetShines yet identical in quality and attention to the craft, is called Cré™.

Cré is the first all-natural green liqueur made in the United States, and one of only three in the world. This liqueur is made from a bountiful collection of botanical ingredients sourced by the Distillery’s “master macerators” with a focus, as always, on locally grown ingredients whenever possible, including ingredients grown right on the Distillery’s 12-acre farm in West Virginia. These fresh ingredients are combined with crisp, cool water and, like all of Bloomery’s flavors, some very high-proof moonshine. Cré’s complex and intriguing taste, at once earthy and bright, is complemented by its deep, verdant hue; a brilliant green that sparkles in the glass.

“We’ve had a lot of requests from bartenders to come up with an all-natural, unique liqueur that could make a statement in a cocktail, and we listened.” Linda Losey, co-founder of Bloomery said. “After sitting down with our first rate Research and Drinking team, we created Mother Nature in a bottle—a beautiful green, botanical liqueur—at a high proof. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market. We are excited to offer it as part of our core line-up for mixologists and look forward to seeing the creative libations that this group of innovative professionals will come up with for cocktail menus. Mixologists and consumers alike are seeking authentic, all natural flavors and they can really taste and see the difference that Cré makes in a cocktail.”

The inspiration for Cré comes from the Irish roots of both the Distillery’s owners and the Appalachian Mountains that are home to Bloomery Plantation Distillery. The deep, rich, earthy flavor of Cré evokes the land that brings forth the ingredients that give Cré its distinctive, unique flavor and outstanding emerald color.

Cré will be released in time for Earth Day on April 22 to all of the markets where Bloomery Plantation Distillery’s SweetShines are distributed: WV, VA, DC, MD, PA, TN, MA, NY, and RI. It is also available from the Distillery’s retail partner for shipment to forty-two states. Cré has an ABV of 42% (84 proof) and comes in a 750ml bottle.

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About Bloomery Plantation Distillery

With a sweet spin on moonshine, Bloomery hand-crafts award-winning SweetShine® liqueurs from its own farm-fresh fruits, roots and nuts, such as lemons, black walnuts, Hawaiian ginger, pumpkins and raspberries. What they don’t grow they try to source from other small American farms whose values are in line with their own. Bloomery’s tasting room experience takes place in a rural, historic log cabin on a 12 acre farm where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet the Shenandoah River in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. The five-year-old Distillery produces unique beverages that are all-natural and farm-fresh. Just the bare essentials. Beautifully focused and stark-ravingly good.