Tequila Cazadores Launches ‘Born In Los Altos De Jalisco’ Campaign

HAMILTON, BERMUDA (May 5 2017) —  Timed perfectly for Cinco de Mayo, Tequila CAZADORES®, the 100% blue agave premium tequila, launches the first installment of its new platform “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco.”  The video and print mediums highlight the authentic and often unseen side of Mexico, bringing forward untold stories of the local characters behind the brand and from the region. The eight characters featured throughout the series embody the inherent sense of pride and personality that makes Arandas, the birthplace of Tequila CAZADORES, a magical place in Mexico worth celebrating.

“At CAZADORES we are exceptionally proud of our roots, which began, and continue to this day, in Arandas, Mexico,” said Lisa Pfenning, Vice President, Brand Managing Director, Tequila Portfolio for Bacardi in the US. “Storytelling has been a tradition in Mexico for generations and this new platform brings to life the vibrancy and the spirit of real people, with real voices, who echo our shared sense of pride for the Los Altos de Jalisco region.”

The first video in the series – launching on Cinco de Mayo –  features Manny Hinojosa, tequila expert and CAZADORES brand ambassador, playfully describing the true meaning behind Cinco de Mayo.  A total of forty videos, shot documentary style, will be released throughout the summer featuring eight characters who demonstrate how each plays a valued part in their community and showcase some specifically in their role in making sure Tequila CAZADORES is created with passion, pride and attention to detail. Whether it’s Jose Miranda, the Arandas town barber, Pancho, the museum owner with a passion for boxing, or Juan Martinez, a Tequila CAZADORES jimador who works alongside his son in the agave fields, each are linked by the pride in their hard work and dedication to their craft – the same way Tequila CAZADORES has been doing it for close to 100 years.

“We did not create an advertising campaign, but instead short documentaries about the liquid, the people, and the region, which showcase the deep pride that CAZADORES has for being a part of the Los Altos community,” said Zara Mirza, Head of Creative Excellence for Bacardi. “The content that was captured, which will be distributed through editorial and cultural platforms, is an inherent reflection of Tequila CAZADORES connecting to its roots and celebrating the subtleties of the everyday people and moments that link Los Altos and CAZADORES together.”

The series was directed by Santiago Fabregas, whose work is characterized by focusing on characters, stories and places and is always seeking to portray reality as it is, which is also the manner of style reflected by the “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco” photographer, Mark Alor Powell. Just like Tequila CAZADORES, the drive behind all their creative is to be made with and featuring real people with a commitment to authenticity.

VIRTUE Worldwide, the creative agency by VICE, led by their Brooklyn office, conceptualized and brought to life the “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco” platform, focusing on true authentic characters and sharing their stories, capturing the effervescent spirit of Los Altos and Tequila CAZADORES. Consumers will find the new Tequila CAZADORES visuals in unexpected ways, in addition to social platforms, including wild postings, painted wall art, or with the videos hosted on the VICE Munchies partner page.

About Tequila CAZADORES

Tequila CAZADORES® is one of the most popular premium tequilas in Mexico and the United States. Tequila CAZADORES® is made with 100% blue agave grown, harvested and distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, recognized as the premier agave growing region in the world, resulting in a smoother, more flavorful taste. The Tequila CAZADORES® brand is part of the portfolio of Bacardi Limited, headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited. www.CAZADORES.com.