Bottoms Up Cocktails Launches RTD Cocktail Line

DALLAS — A new Dallas, Texas-based company, Bottoms Up Cocktails is proud to introduce several quality and expertly crafted Ready-To-Drink [RTD] cocktails which will be hitting store shelves in early July.

The inspiration to experiment and develop Bottoms Up Cocktails stemmed from two significant trends in the distilled spirits world—strong growth in the RTD market niche in the U.S. is expected to rise by 9% in volume by 2021 [Source:  2016 Mintel Report] and an overall interest in providing a premium tasting cocktail at venues where time is of the essence. Forty-five percent [45%] of US adults drink RTD alcoholic beverages according to a 2017 Mintel Report.  The Bottoms Up RTD Cocktails are a perfect solution at stadium and concert venues, hotels and golf resorts, wedding receptions, casinos, airlines/airports, cruise lines, conferences, or for just someone who doesn’t want to spend the time, energy, and money it takes to handcraft the perfect classic cocktail.  The convenience of these ready-to-drink premium cocktails give entertainment seekers variety over the beer and wine limitations they usually face in many of these venues.  “They did a significant amount of research around the creation of these cocktails and I believe they are a great fit for the demand in the market,” adds Bill Pollock, the CEO of Velocity Distribution Co., who will be distributing Bottoms Up Cocktails.  “We would like to help Bottoms Up expand the distribution of these amazing cocktails on a national basis but, of course, will focus on Texas immediately.”

“As a Publicist in the distilled spirit world for a few years, I began noticing many of my on-premise customers looking for ways to provide a great quality cocktail to their members and guests but not give up quality, said Betty Spining, President of Bottoms Up Cocktails and a member of the innovation team behind the cocktails.  Our creative team started experimenting around with alcoholic versions of the “classics”, realizing there was such a need for something better than what was out in the marketplace.  After much experimentation and opinion gathering, we created the recipes for six (6) brand new premium classic cocktails and knew we had achieved everything we wanted in these cocktails – both complex and refreshing, all natural flavors, with hints of spice, and premium alcohol, but doesn’t get you blurred eyed or break the calorie bank.”

Every batch is made with quality ingredients and inspired by small batch craftsmanship.  These are not  the RTDs you’ve had in the past— Bottoms Up Cocktails takes the timeless classics and gives them a modern, grown-up, natural twist, with a touch of natural fruit flavors.

Bottoms Up Cocktails include six (6) premium Ready-to-Drink cocktails:

  • Classic Margarita: Classic for a Reason.
  • Whiskey Sour:  Seriously Smooth.
  • Raspberry Lemonade (with Vodka):  Refreshingly Delicious.
  • Tom Collins:  The Timeless Cocktail.
  • Moscow Mule:  Winter Warming. Summer Sublime.
  • Classic Bloody Mary: A Subtle Kick of Heat.

Bottoms Up Cocktails’ RTDs offer convenience and taste, perfect for active and social drinkers looking for a light, refreshing alternative to wine or beer [12.5% Alc. by Vol. and 25 Proof].  These cocktails come in 200ML plastic bottles with their own 4-pack cartons.  They can be sold as singles or in a 4-pack.  Bottoms Up also has two (2) handcrafted non-alcoholic mixes–a Classic Bloody Mary mix with a subtle kick of heat and a Margarita Mix with freshly juiced lime flavors–both crisp and balanced, yet complex.


Bottoms Up Cocktails designs, develops, manufactures, and markets, crisp and refreshingly delicious premium Ready-To-Drink cocktails, each with their own sense of style and taste. The innovators behind Bottoms Up Cocktails worked tirelessly to develop premium products to meet the needs of people on the go. These cocktails were not only expertly crafted, but crafted to be convenient no matter what you are doing.  Our cocktails are “Ready To Go When You Are.”

Bottoms Up Cocktails – Dallas, Texas